Kiva’s Camino Gummies, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Jul 28, 2020 · 4 min read

We ranked and reviewed every Camino gummy to fill you in on some highs sweeter than honey.

Kiva’s Camino Gummies are all about the ride, and each one is designed to transport you to a unique “California State of Mind.” Every tin is inspired by a specific stop along the historic road, El Camino Real, which extends 600 miles up the California Coast.

Whether the combination of premium flavors, CBD, THC and terpenes sends you to Baja, LA or The Bay is up to you. Every option offers its own entourage effect to provide anything from relaxing relief to exhilarating energy. So if you have sun on your face or you're in a crummy place, there’s a Camino for you. Try them all, and be sure to rate them yourself after you give ‘em a shot to help us put to rest which is best.   

Quoted: “I feel super chill and my body is much more relaxed than it was an hour ago. I’m enjoying hanging out and don’t feel any lagginess or fogginess at all.”

Pros: Thanks to the 1:3 THC:CBD ratio of these gummies, you can expect an electric buzz that leaves you floating. The flavor is delightfully nuanced as well.

Cons: The high can veer toward spaciness after a couple gummies.

Quoted: “These taste amazing and the effects are great in small doses. This is such a pleasant high. I’d equate it to something like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold morning.”

Pros: This calm and clearing high will beckon you to the sofa and likely put you to sleep once you’re there. Expect bad vibes and anxiety to be immediately washed away to leave you in a better place. 

Cons: Because the high is mostly in the body, those looking for a noticeable head high will likely be underwhelmed.

Quoted: "This is a nice and relaxed social buzz. It doesn't get you jittery or sleepy."

Pros: These gummies offer mild effects with 1mg of THC and 9mg of CBD per bite, so they’re perfect to dose throughout the day, and offer a safe starting point for any edible newbies. Experience relief from anxiety and pain without disrupting your day.

Cons: If you’re looking for a heavier, more traditional high, this ain’t it.

Quoted: "These are awesome! Great for sleeping, relaxing and slouching on the couch!"

Pros: These plush, perfect little pillows were made to send you to yours. Midnight Blueberry Gummies fall under Kiva’s “Sleep” category, meaning they’ve had indica associated terpenes mixed back in. Expect time to slow down as your mind and body start to relax, and before you know it you’ll succumb to the Sandman.

Cons: Don’t leave any tasks unattended because once you sit down, you aren't getting back up.

Quoted: "Great. This edible is perfect for cleaning the house and killing to-do lists."

Pros: These “Excite” gummies will start your day off with a productive punch. Skip your coffee, or double down and start jamming through emails in hyperdrive. An even high will help avoid any potential freakout.

Cons: They don’t last forever—just like any Kiva gummy, but you can simply eat another to get right back to where you started.

Quoted: “I was crafting, then I got high, and then I went and had amazing sex. Feeling dialed in and very giggly.”

Pros: Similarly to the apricot variety, these provide a balanced and buzzy high but with an added tinge of energy. For most, one gummy is enough to take an average night out into best-night-ever territory. Share some with your date if you’re looking to take things to the next level.

Cons: The spicy flavor is not for everybody (read: babies).

Quoted: "It's a nice clear buzz to get shit done."

Pros: With a near perfect score in our system, you know you’re getting a winner. Expect to feel uplifted by both the effects and the unparalleled juicy flavor. Keep these handy as they pair with any task at any time of day.

Cons: You can’t eat 50 and still be a functioning human, and trust us, they taste so good you’ll want to. 

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