Oasis Edibles, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
May 07, 2021 · 5 min read

Oasis's elevated edibles will help you escape the ordinary.

Oasis is an independently owned company that focuses on crafting quality cannabis products for California consumers. They've taken the treats of our childhood and infused them with THC to create a mature, modern day cannabis candy shelf.

From their Peanut Butter Cups and Peppermint Patties to their Fruit Gummies and Snickers substitutes, all of their edibles are made with sustainable, ethically-sourced ingredients and custom, full-spectrum cannabis oil. And while it's great that their products are built to share and make time spent with your buds better than ever, we also love that they donate a portion of their sales to fund radical change in the world.

Quoted: “These taste heavenly and hit hard. I feel very melty and just want to stay on the couch."

Pros: These plant-based, fair-trade, peanut butter and cacao cups offer a more approachable dose than their full sized counterpart. The lower 10mg dose of THC is a step down from their big brother, making them solid for users at any tolerance level. And perhaps more importantly for the candy lovers out there, they still offer the same melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Cons: The only downside is that unlike the Reese’s they resemble, you can’t take down ten and get through the rest of your day. 

Quoted: “These York-like peppermint patties prove that Oasis has a knack for turning our favorite childhood treats into cannabis confections. Expect the type of high that helps you hit reset so you’re ready for anything.”

Pros: These pot-filled peppermint patties offer a highly refreshing experience from the first bite clear through to the end of your night. Expect a balanced high that’s potent yet uplifting, making these perfect for whatever your weekend plans may be.

Cons: Coming in at 10mg of THC apiece, taking down a whole one might not be the best option for the cannacurious.

Quoted: “These taste really nice, and the texture is spot on. They’re probably one of the better tasting edibles I’ve had. It’s like a perfectly portioned, THC-infused chocolate turtle."

Pros: It’s not every product that provides an intake experience that’s as memorable as its effects, but this Snickers-style bar hits on every level. Expect an edible that’s perfect for providing a chill high to ride through the weekend, and one of our favorite options for winding down after a workout on a weekday evening.

Cons: None to note, though with each piece having 10mg of THC, those new to cannabis should start with half and go from there.

Quoted: “I feel a subtle euphoria and good energy coming in waves. This high was built to hang out and have fun with friends. There’s a light, playful and enjoyable energy that just keeps the vibes delightful."

Pros: Unlike the heavy-hitting Peanut Butter Cups, each of these portions is much more approachable with only 2.5mg of THC apiece. So those looking for a treat just as much as the THC found therein will be rewarded with a smooth and rich indulgence, and effects that are perfect for any time of day.

Cons: None to note. 

Quoted: "I’m sitting around the fire, eating marshmallows and loving life! This high makes me feel like I’m just peacefully existing and floating away.”

Pros: These gummies have a pretty heavy head high that hits fast, but it levels off to easygoing effects you can ride straight through the afternoon. And unlike their hard candy counterpart, these can be easily split into two portions for sharing or dosing through your day. Expect a euphoric buzz that makes everything around you a bit more beautiful.

Cons: This is less of a knock and more of a note, but these were (wonderfully) crafted with natural ingredients, so those wanting a super sweet and artificial edible may want to look elsewhere. 

Quoted: "This is a very calming and relaxing edible. It’s like having a solid glass of whiskey at the end of a hard day. I’ve almost completely packed for a two week trip while socializing and snacking between—so it’s been a pretty successful high so far."

Pros: These produce one of those highs where you benefit from the effects before they fully register. You’ll start to feel more active as any aches and pains begin to slip away before you realize it was this hard candy having your back all along. We highly recommend keeping these energetic edibles handy for outdoor activities and social situations.

Cons: Ten milligrams of THC can be a bit heavy for the cannacurious, though those who’ve been around the block or want to test their limits will be met with a happy and upbeat high. 

Quoted: "These are fabulous! I feel amaaaaaazing. They're super euphoric and intoxicating, but also energizing and upbeat. Oh, and they taste pretty damn good too."

Pros: Peanut butter cups are obviously in the top tier of sweet treats, and by infusing them with THC and using only sustainable, fair-trade ingredients, Oasis has made ‘em even better. A full cup also offers a pretty potent experience, so those with a high tolerance will find a new go-to.

Cons: The flipside of the potency means those with a low tolerance should stick to the smaller cups seen above. These are just so damn good it’s almost torturous for a single serving to be a ¼ of a cup.

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