Stone Road Flower, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Oct 28, 2020 · 1 min read

Sometimes a Stone Road can provide the smoothest journey.

Stone Road’s Reserve Flower is cultivated with care on their 57 acre, organic, off-grid farm in Nevada City, CA. Their small-batch, ephemeral strains change regularly, so be sure to check in often to stay on top of the most recent hits you really shouldn't miss. 

Once you find your favorites, rate them yourself with our community reviews to help put to rest which is best. And if you find yourself becoming a frequent buyer of Stone Road's premium products, they also have a rewards program that allows you to bid on unique experiences through their app. From rooftop yoga to sold-out concerts, these top-notch highs offer an extra surprise. 

Quoted: "This strain offers a nice and floaty head high. I was immediately drawn outdoors to check on (and chat with) my plants."

Pros: This flower is a solid option for getting outdoors and getting out of your head. Reach for it to kickstart your morning or project, and get ready to benefit from an uplifting, fog-clearing sort of high that'll provide the focus and energy necessary to power through whatever lies ahead.

Cons: None to note. 

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