Wyld Edibles, Ranked
Guide by Morgan S
Jul 28, 2020 · 6 min read

After reviewing Wyld's full line of gummies and chocolates, we ranked them from just OK to true perfection.

Wyld has been leading the Oregon edible market since it was legalized. They aim to create experiences that specifically complement the lifestyle you would find in the Pacific Northwest, so their highs are meant to pair with coastal adventures, cave explorations, and weekend hikes. The brand uses real fruit and flavors that represent their home in Portland, and they work to preserve that land they live on. Rest assured risk-takers, movers, and shakers can find their ideal high in at least one of Wyld’s products and a unique flavor to boot.

But if you’re not interested in personally reviewing all of these edibles yourself to find that perfect fit, have no fear. The Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has done the work of rating and reviewing all of Wyld’s edibles to help you find the right high for you. All the edibles you see here contain 5mg of THC or less per piece, with some containing CBD as well. So cannabis newcomers and light users alike can appreciate the mild, buildable highs these edibles can offer.

Quoted: “Doing a few stretches to lean into what scant body high I’m feeling. Still, I can't with the flavor. It's a candy travesty.”

Pros: The high is balanced and ache-busting in nature, so one or two of these should help soothe the body. This buzz is best for spacing out, so don’t expect to be able to focus or even hold a conversation.

Cons: These take forever to hit if they ever hit at all, and the flavor is far from worth it to most people. It’s terrible for social activities, so save these for some alone time.

Quoted: “Shrug emoji to infinity.”

Pros: They can provide a mild social buzz and help ease away your natural awkwardness.

Cons: Major dry mouth is a common side effect and depending on your tolerance, it might take a few gummies to feel a noticeable high since each one contains 2.5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD.

Quoted: “I am getting so much done today. The edible is calming me through some complex paperwork and helping me structure my time so the day doesn't slip away from me. Body buzz is just a little bit electric, not so much that I'm nervously bouncing around, just enough to keep me from the couch.”

Pros: These chocolates pack an uplifting and adventurous head high that will leave you ready to experiment with your day.

Cons: The flavor isn’t for everyone. The super-sweet taste can make certain people feel nauseous, or leave them with a sugar headache.

Quoted: “This gummy is great for being a bit buzzed and going about your business. This is a mild zip in the body and an ephemeral rosy flush in the head. Nice for a lazy morning.”

Pros: They aren’t as powerfully sweet as some of the other Wyld gummies, so they’re perfect for building your own high. Take one for a low dose or take another if you have nothing pressing to do beyond a long Netflix queue.

Cons: Dry eyes can detract from an otherwise upbeat, stoney high.

Quoted: “Fighting to keep my eyes open. The gummy relieved the pressure off my headache and my body feels soothed and lifted out of anxiety. Perfect conditions for some rest.”

Pros: These deliver a reliably mellow high, so you can pair it with something smokeable if you want to build it bigger. Alone, these Wyld gummies should add a little charm to your mood, a bounce to your step, and a soothing vibe that can lend itself to a good night’s sleep.

Cons: The onset can come with the slightest wave of nausea if you haven’t eaten anything beforehand, so plan accordingly.

Quoted: “A lovely, mellow high that perfectly complemented working in the garden. Listened to early ‘00s neo soul and felt all the warm, syrupy vibes. Stayed clear-headed throughout and was even able to confidently navigate power tools.”

Pros: These gummies pack a powerful and calming high that can lift you out of a major funk. Use this to zone out on a day off or get a few chores done.

Cons: You don’t want to rush this high. It’s going to implore you to slow down and smell the roses, so make sure you have plenty of time to spare or you’re in for a panic attack.

Quoted: “Holy crap I found a good groove for this edible: thrift store shopping. I have all the patience and focus to make the good finds.”

Pros: The lush body buzz can ease aches and pains. One gummy can take the edge off your dark thoughts and dissolve minor anxieties. You can expect to feel a bit more patient with your errands and to-do lists.

Cons: If you’re looking for a strong psychoactive effect, these aren’t likely to satisfy.

Quoted: “The right playlist, the right activity, and the right complementary flower have made today’s experience far more enjoyable than yesterday’s. The real key has been doing something creative or physical that I enjoy.”

Pros: These tasty gummies deliver a mild and uplifting high with a gentle onset. The high is majorly improved when you surround it with the things you love, and the flavor is delightfully sweet. This is a solid Sunday morning buzz, especially if you have nothing to do.

Cons: If you try to hit the gym too hard during the peak of this high, you might feel a tad nauseous, but otherwise it’s super solid.

Quoted: “Fantastic creative boost! My mood is lifted, and my body high is at once zippy and soothing. Altogether very harmonious. I’m definitely in the mood to find new music. Plus, I’m organizing my room, getting things handled, and loving it.”

Pros: The flavor is wonderful and the high is ideal for getting things done. You can expect a high that uplifts and unwinds, leaving you refreshed and raring to go. These can also amplify an intimate evening, but the harmonious high is flexible enough for almost any activity.

Cons: None. This flawless edible is loved even by the most resistant to white chocolate. 

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