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Introducing The Parade Me Around Bundle

Cann, Drew Martin and Sonder created a Pride kit that’s perfect for the cannacurious.

Without a doubt, the Parade Me Around Bundle is one of the best Pride partnerships we’ve seen. Cann, Drew Martin and Sonder make some of the highest rated products in our system, and these queer-owned brands have teamed up with dispensaries across California to offer what already feels like the deal of the month.

This heavily discounted collaborative kit comes complete with a four-pack of Cann’s Cranberry Sage formula, two botanical pre-roll packs from Drew Martin, four packs of Sonder’s Space Crystals and a limited edition "Parade Me Around" sweatshirt from Cann.

Currently available at Sava, Medmen, The Lighthouse, Airfield Supply and Sweetflower, we recommend you stock up before they sell out.  

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