Curaleaf’s Premium Grassroots Products Have Come To California
Press by Scott Hadinger
Dec 09, 2022 · 3 min read

Grassroots is spreading from America's heartland to the heartland of cannabis.

Curaleaf, a leading international provider of consumer cannabis products, is coming to California with its premium flower brand, Grassroots. Already revered in the Central US and coming off the heels of full rebrand, they are hitting the ground running in CA with the debut of some pretty dank Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls.

Grassroots provides high-quality products and empowers smaller craft operators in the state.

From intake to effects, these premium pre-rolls will quickly show you why Grassroots has gained such a devoted following in other states—as each joint is crafted with high-quality, finely ground, whole flower that’s dusted with THCA diamonds for maximum purity and potency. Meaning you can expect a top-shelf experience in every puff.

This product launch also coincides with a bigger initiative, the Grassroots Grower’s Reserve Program, which will be an ongoing series of limited-edition collaborations between Grassroots and craft cannabis farmers & diverse operators in California. 

Starting with Sonoma Hills Farm and Delighted Farms, Grassroots plans to bring more and more into the fold, and feature them in their forthcoming first-rate products. Which will reaffirm Grassroots’ commitment to providing high-quality products while empowering smaller operators in the state.

Some may wonder why a brand with deep roots in Chicago would come to CA with it currently being overcrowded and dealing with unprecedented oversupply—and the answer is to be a part of the solution. 

By working with established and licensed farmers making a difference in the cannabis community for years, they will be able to shine a light on their efforts, and, “Demonstrate their commitment to creating an equitable cannabis industry where operators of all sizes and backgrounds work together to strengthen the industry and deliver premium experiences for consumers."

Though their products having a higher purpose doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about the high.

Though the fact that their products have a higher purpose doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about the high. And in the words of Sydney Chernish, Curaleaf’s VP of Brand Marketing, they, “View California as the Olympic training ground of cannabis,” and understand that, ”You can’t just throw a product out and hope it works–you have to be on top of the market and in the mind of California consumers.”

Which is to say, they want the stellar (and equitable) products they’ve been perfecting over the years to go toe to toe with the best the state has to offer. And we can attest that they have dialed in every detail, and have the mettle to go round for round in any bud-filled battle.

So when you see their premium products start to pop up on Proper or dispensary shelves in your area, know that picking one up will not only be supporting established local farms making a difference, it will also offer an experience that’s as great as your tried-and-true go-tos.

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