Don't Miss Kiva & Jetty’s Lost Farm Collab
Press by Proper Staff
Jul 08, 2022 · 1 min read

Kiva and Jetty teamed up for two new Live Resin Lost Farm Gummies and Chews.

These two Oakland-based brands have come together to bring us a cannabis collab that’s as sweet as they come. By combining their years of expertise and resulting premium products, Kiva and Jetty have produced two new formulas it’s hard not to be a fan of. This limited-edition collab includes Lost Farm Gummies and Chews featuring two of Jetty Extracts’ most popular strains, allowing consumers to consume them via both vape and edible formats.

The products in question, Honey Apple x Sunshine OG Lost Farm Gummies & Sour Berry x Legend OG Lost Farm Chews, are made with 100% live resin from Jetty’s side, and the usual care, attention and quality ingredients from the Kiva team. The Honey Apple Gummy is a spicy, sativa-dominant option that will have you walking on sunshine, where the Sour Berry Chews lean towards the indica side for a bite that offers a bit of respite. And like all Lost Farm products, both are plant-based & feature 10mg of THC per serving (100mg THC per package).  

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Lost Farm by KivaLost Farm x Jetty Extracts Sour Berry x Legend OG Fruit Chews - 10mg


Lost Farm by KivaLost Farm x Jetty Extracts Honey Apple x Sunshine OG Gummies - 10mg