Don’t Miss Select And Autumn Brands' Stellar New Vapes
Press by Proper Staff
Feb 06, 2023 · 1 min read

Be on the lookout for this next-level vape line from Curaleaf’s Farmer’s Select.

Curaleaf, a leading provider of consumer cannabis products, has announced its latest partnership with the company Autumn Brands, a woman-and-family-owned farm in Santa Barbara. As the next iteration in "The Farmer's Select" program, this is a welcomed entry for the ongoing series between Curaleaf and craft farmers & diverse operators in California that aims to provide premium products to consumers, and more importantly, give a leg up to smaller operations.

What results is a product that’s potent, pure and a pleasure to puff on.

This can’t miss collab has transformed Autumn Brands' top-quality, limited-batch flower into Select’s Elite Live Oil—and the resulting limited-edition product line is now available in three strains including Jetlato (sativa), Pineapple MAC (hybrid), and Banana Jelly (indica) that will be sold at dispensaries across the state. Though we recommend you act fast as supplies are limited, and previous Farmer's Select collaborations have sold out quickly.

With Autumn Brands’ commitment to sustainable farming techniques, sungrown bud, and 100% no-spray cultivation, they ensure their flower is of the highest quality for consumers. And when coupled with the unparalleled extraction processes from the Select team, what results is a product that’s potent, pure and a pleasure to puff on.

So seek out and stock up on these consistent and clean carts, and keep your eyes peeled for more first-rate products from The Farmer’s Select. As Curaleaf's collaboration with Autumn Brands is just the latest example of their commitment to providing premium products to consumers and supporting smaller operators in the California cannabis industry.