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Dec 13, 2022 · 7 min read

Fast-acting, functional and taste-free, MyHi’s water-soluble Stir STIKs offer a freeing intake experience and fantastic effects.

While many people have gotten into the cannabis industry to make some cash, TJ entered it to see how he could make a difference. Striving to create a new category of high, he set out with the purpose of offering the best of what the plant has to offer to those who need it most.

Though a longtime user, TJ never saw a career in cannabis. That was until he encountered the ailments his mother was dealing with, and the methods she was using to address them.

Her initial reluctance to try cannabis was tied to the stigma surrounding the plant that many fall victim to, and it was through the breaking down of that barrier and witnessing success firsthand that he found his desire to replicate it for all users—prospective or current. His mother is now proud to say she is a consumer, and TJ has leaned into the plant more than ever. Creating can’t miss products that can be enjoyed by consumers at any tolerance level.

His first brand, built to simplify the consumer’s journey to cannabis, is a hemp-derived CBD brand called HOLISTIK Wellness. Their goal was to demystify cannabis with a simple, non-psychoactive, hemp-derived CBD blend that, when combined with other natural ingredients, will target everyday ailments like sleep and stress.

The main takeaway from his mother’s journey was seeing that their product can actually deliver on a consumer’s needs, allowing it to immediately present a different understanding of what cannabis can offer. Consider HOLISTIK the Cannabis 101 class that can bring new users from all walks of life to the plant by getting them over the trial barrier. And that starts with their very first STIK.

MyHi, their second brand living on the other end of the cannabinoid spectrum thanks to its THC infusions, was built for social situations and a more recreational high. It helps bridge the gap for potential consumers who may still equivocate consuming cannabis with using a hard drug. Or perhaps that it’s something meant to be done solo or in small groups, binge watching Netflix, locked to a couch.

But cannabis is the best natural solution on the planet for so many different aspects of life—with one of them being social situations. Yet when we party, we so often turn away from it and towards alcohol. But beyond that and focusing on the bud, reaching for an infused drink is easier than stepping outside for a lonesome smoke as you miss the festivities of the group inside.

Which means MyHi allows those who usually smoke to not miss a beat with a High-Tail—and it still gives them something to share with their drinking buddies who might just find cannabis the better option after getting around their previous barrier of being a non-smoker. And sure, there are other discreet and convenient form factors like vaping, but MyHi elevates your consumption routine to the envy of the party without having to blow huge, eye-catching smoke clouds across the room.

That covers the “why” of these wonderful products, so let’s dig in and learn a bit more about the STIKs themselves. Each unique Stir STIK is filled with fast-acting, water-soluble cannabinoids, giving you the ability to turn any beverage into an infused beverage. And better yet, there are no added calories or sugar, and unlike most other cannabis drinks or edibles on the market, no taste.

But it goes further than just the form factor and cannabis, as any dispensary can offer products that will help most consumers unwind. MyHi has changed the game with products that perform at a higher level thanks to their ‘Better than Sativa’ formulation—which packs each STIK with 30mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract (about ⅓ a cup of coffee), 20mg of L-Theanine (to focus, balance and engage), and 10mg of monk fruit for a hint of sweetness without the pains of sugar. When you combine all of these ingredients, they lead to a more complete experience than cannabis alone can offer for an uplifting, engaging and focusing high.

Many believe that beverages are the future of cannabis consumption for most consumers—especially those just getting into the game. And we see MyHI’s Stir STIKs working just as well for the cannacurious as they will cannasseurs. The fact that they’re fast acting and sessionable with an easy-to-control high is one thing, but the fact that they offer an intake method that users are used to makes these a slam dunk.

And let’s face it, drinks are heavy, and most powders are a hassle when used on the go, which is why MyHi offers the perfect solution to sip your way to a better day no matter where you are. And with them even being tasteless in water, no matter what you’re drinking.

As a special bonus, the handle of each fully recyclable STIK acts a straw after you mix, and they also make a perfect bowl clearer, joint packer, or even golf tee when you’re done with your drink. Allowing you to reuse it before you recycle to get as many miles out of the product as possible. And while that is already a step above many, their long-term goal is to craft their STIKs out of truly biodegradable material.

Though they aren’t just sitting on their hands while they wait to do so, as they have been taking action from day one with their “One STIK, One Bottle Pledge.” Which is an initiative where for every STIK sold, they take a plastic water bottle (4x the plastic of a STIK) out of the ocean with the help of their partners at the Impact Collective.

So what’s on the horizon for MyHI? First off, be sure to follow their social channels and check in on their site to keep your drinks interesting by staying on top of their newest low-sugar mocktail recipes. They are also working on some collaborations to bring fan-favorite flavors from other brands, be it flower, edibles or drinkables, into their STIKs in the form of limited-edition drops. And thanks to feedback from users like you, they are working to add a heavier STIK to their California lineup as they roll out their core catalog to more states across the country.

The MyHi team continues to hear of the success and love of their products from users of all stars and stripes. From grandmothers who haven’t consumed cannabis since the 70s to fitness professionals honing their performance and recovery, these STIKs can offer a cannabis solution for almost any user. So whether you’re looking for something new to add to your own wellness routine or you’ve been searching for the perfect product to get that friend or family member past the trial barrier, reach for a STIK, and stir things up. 

Drink Mixes

MyHi Stir STIKs

MyHi’s Stir STIKs offer a functional, discreet and approachable category of high perfect for cannabis consumers at any tolerance level. They have two sticks coming in at 5mg and 10mg of water-soluble THC, and both formulas contain 30mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract, 20mg of L-Theanine, and 10mg of monk fruit for a hint of sweetness and an energetic, social and focusing high.

Rater’s Quote - "I'm working late on a Friday night, but this little mocktail really helped me unwind nonetheless. I’m able to focus with a positive attitude and knock out the last items on my to-do list!"


HOLISTIK Wellness Stir Sticks

The idea for HOLISTIK Wellness was born from the founders seeing their family suffer from common ailments with little to no help from traditional remedies. Believing there was a better way to treat these conditions, the brand investigated CBD Wellness and discovered a new path to health. The result? Multiple targeted formulas to help you and your loved ones be your best self from breakfast to bed.

Rater’s Quote - "I’m definitely feeling a little peppier and less anxious, giving me the extra energy I needed to actually leave the house today!"


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