Hidden Gems In Gummy Form
Press by Proper Staff
Feb 05, 2021 · 48 seconds read

Kiva’s Lost Farm edibles offer an escape from everyday life.

Kiva’s edibles have always been known for approachable effects built for users at every level, but their Lost Farm gummies set a different vibe right away with a “Novices Need Not Apply” note. And while it might not be as scary as old maps leading you to lost worlds with designations like “Here There Be Dragons,” these strain-specific gummies do pack a punch that you should be prepared for.

Coming in at 10mg of THC apiece and retaining their natural terpene profiles, these true-to-plant, tasty edibles offer a high you’ll soon be seeking out again and again. With flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry and Citrus Spritz and effects built to take you from day to night, Lost Farms could very well lead you to your next favorite gummy. 

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Lost Farm by KivaLost Farm Raspberry x Blue Dream Gummies - 10mg


Lost Farm by KivaLost Farm Strawberry Lemonade x Lemon Bean Gummies - 10mg


Lost Farm by KivaLost Farm Citrus Spritz x Clementine Gummies - 10mg