Introducing AlienLabs’ Galactic Gummies
Press by Proper Staff
Jun 08, 2022 · 1 min read

These gummies from AlienLabs and Connected offer big highs at a low price.

AlienLabs and Connected have crafted a new gummy you have to get your hands on. As with anything from these stellar brands, there isn't a detail about this product that wasn’t planned out in depth. The team spent a year laboring over the perfect flavor profiles and cannabis combinations to ensure their gummies wouldn’t just get lost in the long list of those hitting the market, they would rise above.

Each top-shelf edible is solventless, gluten-free, and vegan, and made with all natural ingredients to ensure your intake experience doesn’t involve anything unnecessary or harmful. Though unlike most solventless gummies, these are made with hash, not rosin, to provide a more complex, full-spectrum experience while also slightly toning down the cannabis flavor. 

And better yet, they’re as affordable as any distillate gummy you'll find, ensuring anyone who wants to snag this premium product won’t be priced out. So when they hit a shelf near you, we highly recommend you stock up—and just so you know, all four of their current formulas are also coated in a Nerds-like candy for a crunchy texture and boost of flavor, making it dangerously difficult to stop at one.