Introducing Hello Again’s Hangover And Period Suppositories
Press by Proper Staff
Oct 07, 2022 · 47 seconds read

Hello Again’s new blends can help any user get back on their feet in no time.

Hello Again! The “OG canna-queens of menopause” have expanded their already stellar line with two new THC + CBD vaginal suppositories geared specifically towards menstrual and period relief. You’ll soon see Hello Again Period and Hello Again Hangover popping up across California on dispensary and delivery menus.

The original Hello Again Everyday & Sleep products were formulated with menopause relief in mind, but users of all ages found relief for endometriosis and menstrual pain as well as hangovers, sans the mental high. And while their targeted cannabinoid concentrations delivered directly to the uterus offer a powerful pain relief, the addition of their hangover option means Hello Again can help users of any gender get back on their feet so they can feel like themselves & conquer the day. 

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