Introducing LEVEL’s PROTAB+ And PROTAB 100s
Press by Proper Staff
Apr 20, 2022 · 1 min read

LEVEL’s new PROTAB products will show you heavy hitters can have a higher purpose.

LEVEL’s two new additions to their PROTAB line remind us that they sit atop the tablet market for a reason. All of their products are scientifically formulated for targeted effect states thanks to unique combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes. And on top of that, they are also metabolized in a way that’s closer to smoking than edibles for a clean, consistent and functional high.

Their three new PROTAB+ options (BOOST, LIGHTS OUT and RECOVER) hit hard in a purposeful way. Their calculated cannabinoid concentrations will ensure that they are all true to their name, offering their respective effect states in a pure and potent form.

BOOST will help you find your flow state thanks to a balanced blend of THC, THCV and CBG.

RECOVER will offer you relief from any aches, pains or anxiety with TBCa, CBDa, CBG and CBC.

LIGHTS OUT will wash you in waves of relaxation before you’re ready to call it a day with THC, CBN, ∆8. THCa and CBG.

And if you’re looking to up the ante for your next high, their Indica, Sativa and CBD PROTAB 100s offer 100mg of THC per tiny tablet. Though don’t let that scare you, as all of LEVEL’s tablets are easy to split—so take a quarter to take your experience up a level, or take down the whole thing and get ready to take off. 

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