Introducing The Flower Shop And Aster Farms Sour Diesel Pre-Rolls
Press by Proper Staff
Aug 09, 2022 · 53 seconds read

This premium pre-roll tin and the potent flower within offer nostalgic vibes and an old-school high.

Aster Farms and The Flower Shop have partnered up to put out a premium product that will turn heads—both in the sense that the design-forward, golden tin is as pretty as a pre-roll pack can be, but also due to the fact that the 100% sungrown Sour Diesel the four pre-rolls contain boasts 31% THC for a high that will take you on a ride.

A woman-owned craft cannabis company that grows sustainable, sungrown flower in Northern California, Aster Farms has been putting out some of our favorite fresh weed for years. And The Flower Shop, a New York-based hospitality group, knows a thing or two about curating a top-tier product for the cannabis community that’s worth every penny. So snag this wherever you see it on shelves, and expect a classic, gassy sativa that offers a heavy and euphoric high.