Introducing Wonderbrett’s Solventless, Strain-Specific Edibles
Press by Proper Staff
Aug 09, 2021 · 54 seconds read

Wonderbrett’s world-class strains are now available in Fruit Chew form.

By pairing their top-shelf genetics, exotic terpene profiles and meticulous cultivation techniques with real fruit purees, Wonderbrett has crafted an edible that’s as elite as they come. Using a filtered ice water extraction process, they create cold-water hash that retains every element of their stellar strains, and preserves the profile at peak freshness for a truly potent and uniquely flavorful edible experience.

And on top of that, each curated pairing is free of artificial ingredients and preservatives while also being all-natural, vegan and gluten-free. Meaning you can indulge without fear of breaking any consumption habits. Though if you’re new to edibles, you may want to split one with your bud, as each piece in every 10-pack contains 10mg of THC. Available in Pineapple OG, Melon OG, Orange Banana, Papaya and Strawberry Bliss formulas, we highly recommend you keep an eye out as these start to hit shelves at your favorite dispensaries across California.

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