Our Favorite 90’s Nerd Took His Namesake Strain To The Next Level
Press by Proper Staff
Apr 27, 2021 · 1 min read

ItsPurpl’s Purple Urkle products might be pricey, but they’re potent, pure and worth every penny.

When it comes to celebrity collaborations, the brand behind the bud is just as (if not more) important than the notable name that’s attached. Which is why Jaleel White’s foray into the cannabis field is more impressive than most thanks to his teaming up with 710 Labs—one of the best brands out there.

What started organically as a friendship between Jaleel and Brad Melshenker (710’s founder) budded into a business venture. For years, Jaleel felt flattered when he saw Purple Urkle making its way around cannabis circles, but that feeling soon turned into disappointment. Every experience he had with the purple flower he wanted so much to love was lackluster at best.

Which is why Jaleel and Brad created ItsPurpl, to give the community a premium iteration of this famous strain, and give purple plants their time in the sun. Their eighths, proprietary vapes and hand-rolled joints are just starting to pop up across California, with New York soon to follow. And while you might hit pause when you see the price, just know that these products received Snoop Dog’s seal of approval.