Quid Strips: For Breath, Body And Soul
Press by Proper Staff
Dec 15, 2020 · 42 seconds read

These minty, CBD-heavy sublinguals will cleanse your palette and fill you with purpose.

Since early 2019, Quid’s Berry Indica and Citrus Sativa THC strips have been great for a quick-hitting head high—but if you’re looking for something to have your breath and body feeling a bit more fresh, you can’t miss their new 10:1 CBD to THC Mint Strips

These fast-acting, CBD-heavy sublinguals are vegan, gluten-free, zero-calorie and non-GMO, which means getting the reliable relief you need is also a guilt-free experience. Their discreet intake method also means you can take this stealthy and healthy high anywhere, so be sure to stock up and always be ready for the times you need to skip smoking and imbibe inconspicuously.

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