This 4/20, House Weed Is All You Need
Press by Luca Belloiu
Apr 15, 2021 · 5 min read

House Weed helps you get high and handle the munchies with primo pot products and pizza.

In Review: House Weed's Special Delivery box is a one-stop shop for the munchie obsessed. It contains 3.5 grams of their Sativa Wake n’ Bake pre-ground flower with kief, which is a total joy inducer, a 1g Strawberry Bananaz Distillate vape cart, an indica that’s meant to put you at ease post pizza binge, and a stellar supporting cast of custom rolling papers, BIC lighter and a t-shirt. That only leaves the pie, which comes in the form of a Domino’s gift card. All you have to do is smoke and submit your orderand after taking down a massive joint, that’s exactly what I did.

House Weed has captured the heart of this stoner with their Special Delivery Pizza Box. Opening it up is not altogether different than lifting the lid of your favorite Italian pizza pie in that your senses begin to tingle and your eyes get bigger. But what starts normally soon becomes next level when you see the custom artwork and can’t miss products. As I perused the swag therein, I got the impression this is a company that’s either spying on my Saturdays, or just understands what a day revolving around cannabis should entail.

What starts normally soon becomes next level when you see the custom artwork and can’t miss products.

The Wake n’ Bake pre-ground flower with kief unleashes an earthy bouquet that is a clarion call to get the party started. And I can attest to it being aptly named, as immediately upon waking, I started baking—and boy did it do the trick. It’s a smooth-hitting joymaker of a pre-ground flower, and as a sativa, it gets high marks in its ability to get you out of your pajamas and into some running shoes. Not being one to often loaf around all day (though loafing would indeed come later), I ventured outside shortly after smoking a large joint of this House Weed to hit some nearby trails.

My first impression was that it was the sort of high that makes listening to your favorite music an absolute pleasure. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a middle-aged guy dancing to Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” while wearing a potleaf shirt (lovingly provided for you in this kit), but the people I saw on the trail had a mixed look of horror and hilarity. Not to be deterred, I tipped my cap and went on my way. 

This is a euphoric buzz that begs to be enjoyed with others, but I had no problem loving life and making myself laugh while flying solo. By the time I turned around to head back home, I turned up the pace and started working up a sweat. I was riding an energy beam of good vibes that could not be denied. I also knew the sooner I got back home, the sooner I could order an extra large Pacific Veggie pizza with pepperoni, extra garlic and marinara sauce.

Having earned my pizza after a euphoric trail run set to a tailormade soundtrack labelled “Luca’s Sweet Ass Jams Mix,” I was waiting patiently for the Domino’s guy to arrive—not unlike a kid staying up to catch a glimpse of Santa. With almost a gram’s worth of weed and a morning workout in the bag, to say I was hungry and overcome by the munchies would be putting it lightly. Nothing was going to stop me from vanquishing this pizza. Nothing.

I cleared my kitchen table and went to town on the pie with purpose, and yeah, it tasted like it was made in heaven and heated under the fluttering wings of a thousand angels. Even so, I managed to save two slices for my wife after she got home from work. She inevitably scolded me for not saving her THREE slices, and not so silently wondered how I could eat what I did in one sitting. I showed her the half empty container of Wake n’ Bake flower as ‘Exhibit A.’ That seemed to do the trick.

There’s something about gorging yourself with pizza and weed that’s as American as apple pie.

There’s something about gorging yourself with pizza and weed that’s as American as apple pie, and I for one will never feel guilty about it. Helping me settle into that mindset was the House Weed Strawberry Bananaz vape cart, which awaited me like a beautiful little bud beacon in the box. This is a distillate of pure positivity, and it would not allow any anxiety or stress to get through its defensive walls. Best of all, it managed to quell the pizza uprising in my stomach, and mitigate any discomfort I was feeling. It was a fruity and herbal vape experience that signaled to my brain, “The loafing and Netflix chill sesh shall now commence.”

The remainder of the day was a testament to the 4/20 spirit. Which for me meant losing myself in documentaries about competitive pottery while surrounded by a dog and discarded pizza box. My weed was within arm’s reach, and I had a large glass of water at the ready. Few things could have made that moment any sweeter.

I wish I could take advantage of this deal every weekend. Lowell’s House Weed did an amazing job curating this box to pair perfectly with a good slice of pie. Much like a full-bodied Cabernet compliments a premium steak. With the main difference being that Morton’s Steakhouse may not serve you with a pizza themed pot leaf shirt on, but you’d better believe Domino’s will. The pizza is now gone, but the products persist, and while I did love pairing them with their caloric counterpart, I'm also excited to revisit them regularly long after the holiday has passed.

To learn more about these Special Delivery Boxes and where you can snag one for yourself, head to House Weed's site for more info.

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