An Everyday Strain For An Everyday Kind Of High
by Emily Vishnevetsky
Jun 05, 20184 minute read

It won't blow your mind, but it's not everyday we want our minds blown.

As someone who has been an active cannabis user for the past few years, I’ve smoked my fair share of flower. Since moving out to Los Angeles a year ago, I’ve tried just about everything there is to try across the quality spectrum. Even though there are a ton of options out there for consuming cannabis, my personal favorite is also the most classic: smoking flower straight out of a bowl.

To be clear, I use cannabis as a medicine.

That said, my tolerance has grown since my cannabis journey began, which means it’s somewhat challenging to find a flower that perfectly suits me. To be clear, I use cannabis as a medicine. It has replaced my antidepressants and I couldn’t be happier about it. I mention this because everyone has different needs when it comes to finding the right cannabis product for them, and for me, I absolutely need something soothing, relaxing, and anxiety-busting.

I did not know what to expect when I first tried Supplied by 1964’s Blue Dream flower. To begin with, all I initially knew was that it was the strain Blue Dream, but having experience with cannabis taught me that no two samples of Blue Dream are ever exactly alike. The particular flower I sampled looked fresh and ready to be consumed. It didn’t have much of a scent, however. In fact, it lacked any distinguishable aroma. I decided to smoke the flower using my favorite Jane West steamroller, which is essentially a small pipe. With high hopes and low expectations, I lit up and took my first hit. And I felt nothing. I did cough up a storm though, which tells me this flower isn’t quite as smooth as it should be. On the bright side, I was left with little to no aftertaste. I kept smoking and about four hits later, I was surprised to find it did relieve the anxiety I was feeling moments before.

Sadly, the high didn’t last. While it was subtly uplifting, it was also unsatisfying, so I decided to pack another bowl not too long after I smoked the first. I was feeling quite jittery before the second bowl but it slowly went away. I started to feel high once again and this time it gave me a boost of energy that I desperately needed to get myself to the gym. Based on my first session with Supplied by 1964’s Blue Dream, I wasn’t all that pleased with the flower, but I remained hopeful that another round would prove me wrong. Usually when I consume Blue Dream, it has energetic, sativa-dominant effects, so I held out hope this flower would leave me feeling uplifted a second time around.

I was getting ready to go to bed when I decided it was time to try out the flower once again. Maybe my time at the gym boosted my mood, but I felt a bit more optimistic this time around. While the high was similar to the one I had that same morning, my mood was different this time so I was better able to enjoy the high. Moments like these in which I smoke the same flower and get different results remind me that my mental state has a pretty large effect on my high. Even though the experience wasn’t grand with this flower, it did its job by helping me unwind and relax at the end of a fairly average day.

The experience is different for everyone and that’s what makes cannabis such a unique medicine.

Look, I’ll be honest, the high wasn’t as good as it could’ve been but it wasn’t bad either. Taking into account the fluctuations my mood goes through on a daily basis, I think it did a pretty good job of amplifying whatever joy I was feeling without exacerbating any of the anxiety I had. To me, that counts for something. There’s also my tolerance, which represents a pretty big variable as well. I believe as time goes by and you consume more cannabis, it does become more difficult to find the right strain for you. You’re aware of the subtleties that make great weed great and okay weed just okay. The experience is different for everyone and that’s what makes cannabis such a unique medicine.

I truly believe this Blue Dream flower would be perfect for someone who doesn’t smoke weed everyday. With a potency of 20.8% THC and 0.8% CBD, I think casual users will be able to achieve a more powerful high without feeling jittery or overwhelmed. The quality of the flower is still very good, but the high won’t last long if you are someone like me who depends on cannabis as a medicine. If you are someone who is looking to purchase flower to help you relax before bed or enhance a chill night in with friends, this flower could be just right for you. And as for me, the search for that perfect bud continues. 

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by Emily Vishnevetsky
Jun 05, 20184 minute read

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