There Are Blunts, And Then There’s Packwoods’ Runtz
by Luca Belloiu
Jul 22, 20205 minute read

This heavily-infused blunt reminds us that sometimes too much of a good thing is a great thing.

IN REVIEW: This is a premium pre-roll that demands attention. Prepare to be in awe of the top-notch experience from the second you open the box. Keep this behemoth around for a special occasion, and whether you take it down alone or with ten friends, everyone’s gonna get ripped. The high is uplifting and ideal for social situations filled with wandering thoughts and plenty of laughter. Top-shelf flower, nugrun sauce and kief come together to offer 26.4% THC and a truly epic smoking experience that you won't soon forget.

Packwoods’ Pink Runtz pre-roll is the pink Rolls Royce of blunts. A classic looking cigar lovingly dipped in nugrun sauce, smothered in indoor kief and packed with two grams worth of premium bud. The decadence clearly knows no bounds. The playful name of Pink Runtz suggests this pre-roll is a lighthearted walk in the park, where birds call your name and squirrels dance along your feet. Then you finally take a look at this absolute unit of a blunt and get an altogether different sort of vibe. Like that of a cigar birthed in the bowels of the most fiendish black lagoon. The truth, however, lays firmly in the middle.

This is not your grandpappy’s dime bag joint, that’s for sure.

While the look of this blunt can be daunting, the predominant effects were that of deep relaxation and lasting joy. It also took an entire Saturday to smoke, with a bit left over for Sunday. I considered it the ultimate weekend getaway, and it also hit like a champ.

Technically speaking, this is a masterfully crafted blunt. The engineered glass filter makes for smooth draws, and the tobacco-free hemp paper burns consistently and slowly. This is truly something to be savored. The tightly packed mixture of Gelato #33 and Zkittlez makes for a heavenly concoction of sweetness. It brought me back to the days of smoking Swisher Sweet blunts on the railroad tracks behind my old elementary school. This, of course, is the elevated version of that.

The Packwoods Pink Runtz Blunt made me wish I had a large mahogany desk with one of those giant Earth globes nearby that opens to reveal a top-shelf scotch collection. Something where I could lean back in a plush leather chair while I summon my minions to debrief me on the day’s events and puff smoke rings as I pet my white Persian cat. In other words, this is a boss blunt that’s all about making a statement. This is not your grandpappy’s dime bag joint, that’s for sure.

As I had none of those creature comforts, I decided to walk to a nearby park under the guise of playing frisbee with my dog. But in reality, I was hoping nobody would be there so I could smoke this bad boy in peace. Sometimes good things happen to stoned people, and my prayers were answered. I had the entirety of this local park to myself, so I saddled up to a picnic table under a shady oak tree and puffed away while lazily throwing a frisbee to my dog. In the distance, I could see the Santa Monica Mountains and the winding canyon roads. Life was good.

My initial intention was to smoke this in my garage, but it was a chimneystack of a blunt, and it would’ve taken me days to rid the house of the smell. Not that I mind it personally, but my wife, on the other hand…that’s a different story. That said, there was an undeniable harmony between the nugrun sauce, kief, and flower that made this amongst the tastiest blunts I‘ve tried. It’s like a cross between a Cohiba and a pack of Sweet Tarts.

It’s a lot to tackle all by your lonesome. Like drinking an expensive bottle of Burgundy in the bed of your pickup truck.

In all, there’s a total of 30.59% cannabinoids with about 26.40% THC. The effects were euphoric and calming with nice bursts of creativity. Best of all, it acted as a soothing balm for your mind. I found myself laughing at some of the petty frustrations I’d been harboring. Simply put, you’re likely to lose yourself in the moment—and stress becomes a foreign concept.

The only regret I had after my first session was not sharing it with friends. After all, it’s a lot to tackle all by your lonesome. Like drinking an expensive bottle of Burgundy in the bed of your pickup truck. So later in the evening, I took what was left and knocked on my neighbor’s door. He was more than eager to help me put another dent in it. This time we went to his garage, where we partook of this formidable Packwoods pre-roll. Before long we were talking to each other through a dense cloud of smoke, and sharing the sort of belly laughs that can only come from quality cannabis. The only thing missing was a poker table.

The next morning, I finished the meager remains of this blunt and placed the leftover glass filter in its decorative pink box to give it a Viking funeral. This is the ultimate special occasion blunt (unless of course, you consider Tuesdays special, which I do). It’s a truly supercharged experience for those seeking an escape from the mundane.

About the Author

by Luca Belloiu
Jul 22, 20205 minute read

Luca is a Romanian-born writer who grew up in New Jersey and moved out west to study at UCLA’s School of Film and Television. He is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor, avid runner/hiker, and loves nothing more than a euphoria-packed sativa flower.

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