A Sore Muscle And Stress-Reducing Savior
Review by Kelly Graham
Jan 15, 2023 · 4 min read

Jeeter’s Peach Ringz took me from tight and tense to lithe and limber.

IN REVIEW: These mini infused pre-rolls are much more than meets the eye. Using both premium flower and liquid diamonds, Jeeter’s Peach Ringz Infused Baby Pre-Rolls offer a multi-layered, fruity flavor and an intensely soothing high. Even an intense pilates class or a stressful workday is no match for these solo-sesh approved joints. Spark one up with confidence anytime you need relief from minor aches and pains or are just looking for a quiet night at home. 

When the universal "they" said, “good things come in small packages,” they got it right—especially when it comes to Jeeter’s Peach Ringz Infused Baby Pre-Rolls. These tiny joints manage to pack in a complex fruity flavor and ultra-soothing effects that rival their much larger counterparts. How do I know? Because I put these miniature doobies to the test towards the end of my workday, after having done a killer Pilates class earlier that morning.

After sitting in my work chair for a few seemingly endless hours, my muscles were really starting to feel the hard work I put in at the Pilates studio. My joints felt stiff and a dull soreness was starting to permeate through my legs, arms, abs, and back—so pretty much my entire body. I stared at the clock and weighed my options: let the minor aches and pains continue to grow or do something about it. Given that I only had about an hour left of my workday, I decided to indulge in some cannabis to help me overcome my physical woes and start to unwind my mind.

I pulled one of the pre-rolls out of its multi-colored container and it seemed to be the perfect size for a solo session. Before sparking up, I gently rolled it between my fingers, letting the flower settle into place. In doing so, a sweet aroma, like fruit dipped in honey, began to waft up to my nostrils, luring me in for my first puff.

Without hesitation, I grabbed my lighter and took my first inhalation. I let the smooth smoke linger over my tongue for a moment to really savor the flavor. Because these joints are infused with diamonds, I noticed a much stronger and more complex taste than your average pre-roll. It starts out with notes of peach candy and finishes with undertones of perfume and funk. The flavor continues to evolve even after the smoke travels down your throat, leaving your palate with a deliciously herbal token to remember your last puff by.

The smoke itself is smooth and very comfortable to inhale. So smooth that I was able to take hit after hit without any help from a smoking buddy. I sometimes find that anything infused with concentrate can be harsh, so I was very impressed that I finished this baby joint in just a matter of minutes while maintaining my composure—a testament to the craftsmanship.

By the time I took the last puff, I felt stoned as can be yet light as a feather. Almost immediately, a rush of euphoria washed over me. As I finished my last couple of emails, I couldn’t help but dance in my seat to the music in my headphones. Before I knew it, I was dancing around my entire office, not a sore muscle in sight. My once tight and achy muscles transformed into a lithe and limber state that felt so freeing. Much like another saying from the universal "they," I truly danced like no one was watching.

The buzzy energy I felt mellowed out after a few dance numbers and I settled back into my seat. While I may not have been up on my feet grooving around, there was still a soothing fluidity in my muscles that left me feeling utterly at ease. It was like they had turned into a warm golden elixir that sat gently on top of my bones.

I breezed through my last couple of tasks and when I finally shut my laptop for good, it was like a switch went off in my brain. The calm focus I had while finishing my to-do list was replaced by a peaceful bliss. My mind felt quiet instead of racing from thought to thought. I leisurely stood up from my desk, slid on my fluffy slippers, and floated downstairs to settle in for the evening.

This one joint carried me through the evening like I was swaddled in a warm blanket, defending me from both stress and tension. It was exactly what I needed to recover from sore muscles and a tired mind while also uplifting my mood. So if you reach for these joints, don't let the size fool you! I can say with confidence that Jeeter’s Peach Ringz Infused Baby Pre-Rolls are the definition of small but mighty—and I will certainly spark one up again.

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