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2.5mg THC
Serving Size
Water, Organic Sugar, Maltodextrin, Gentian extract, Cardamom extract, Chamomile extract, Italian Grapefruit oil extract, Jamaica Pepper extract with other natural flavors, Color from Vegetables and Fruit Juices, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Hempseed Oil, Cannabis Oil, Sodium BiCarbonate
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Product Description

Unlike traditional aperitifs, Artet is non-alcoholic and cannabis infused. Each batch is a blend of cannabis and eight botanicals that work in harmony to make Artet delicious on the rocks, intriguing when mixed, and always enjoyed in good company. Whether you are looking for something light to ease into the evening or something stronger to help you unwind, Artet's dosing allows you to find the perfect pour and strength for the occasion. Each bottle comes with a stainless steel shot glass to help you effortlessly pour out one serving of 2.5 mg THC.

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Expert Review

Mastering The Art(et) Of Partying Without Alcohol

Review by Lindsay MaHarry

Mar 28, 2020 · 4 min read

Subbing alcohol for a THC liqueur leads to a pleasant group atmosphere

IN REVIEW: Artet’s aperitif offers a type of amiable inebriation that will make you up for anything without asking you to completely abandon your inhibitions. Text that friend you’ve been putting off seeing and paint the town red, or kick off a dinner party the right way. No matter what you do, rest assured you’ll wake up without a hangover.

Looking out from the roof of my apartment building, the vibrant hues of twilight had begun to fade purple and grey over L.A. Spindly palm trees punctuated a sprawl beginning with big, beautiful homes in the hills, flattening into Hollywood’s funky, urban landscape. City lights twinkled on, like the first stars appearing in a darkened sky.

About Artet

Artet is bound by family. We are two brothers and a cousin who share a deep appreciation for the convergence of cannabis and aperitivo culture. We firmly believe that cannabis can enhance our experiences, prime our appetites, and open our minds. Our dream was to bottle our vision of the perfect dinner, nightcap, or cocktail hour spent in good company. Our mission was to take weed out of the dresser drawer and put it right on the dining room table. That’s why we spent years dreaming up and carefully crafting Artet: the original cannabis aperitif. Pull up a seat, there’s always room at our table.