ALTA - Super Sour Watermelon - 100mg Beverage Mix



Product Details

10mg THC, 2mg CBD
Sour, Watermelon
Serving Size
1/10 vial

Product Description

Get ready to elevate summer with ALTA Super Sour Watermelon - a fun and delicious way to quench your thirst. Made with all-natural flavors and infused with full-spectrum oil, this juicy drink mix delivers the perfect balance of sweet & sour for a quick potent buzz. Every sip will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to a tropical paradise

About Atlas Edibles

Atlas founder and CEO Ezra Malmuth’s love for food and cooking started at a young age. When visiting his family in Italy, he found himself spending hours in the kitchen with his Nona. She taught him how to develop flavors and the importance of sourcing quality ingredients. Atlas Edibles have won many awards in the cannabis industry, but a real highlight came for Ezra when his grandmother tried his clusters and said they helped her with her neuropathy. “Dear Ezra,” a letter from his grandma begins, “For years I’ve been tormented by terrible pain by peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I have seen numerous doctors, none of whom could provide anything but powerful pain pills which gave little relief and many uncomfortable side effects. All of my doctors, off the record, endorsed the idea of trying cannabis but I couldn’t find any product I liked the taste of, or the way it made me feel. Your product has provided me more relief than anything I’ve tried; I would recommend it to anyone.”