Raspberry Hibiscus Spritzer


Product Details

5mg THC, 5mg CBD
Berries, Hibiscus
Serving Size
1 can
Carbonated Water, Raspberry Juice Concentrate, White Grape Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Cannabis Concentrate
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g
Total Carbs11g
Total Sugars10g

Product Description

Let your taste buds bloom with the wild refreshment of Mad Lilly™ Spritzers. Tangy raspberry juice pairs playfully with floral hibiscus for a low-dose cannabis drink that’s high on vibes and low on calories. All-natural fruit juices, fizzy bubbles and a balanced ratio of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD play perfectly to inspire bright, uplifting effects within 15 minutes. Mad Lilly keeps ingredients minimal: no preservatives, no added sugars or sweeteners and only natural fruit juice concentrates

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Mad Lilly, Happy Highbiscus

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jan 05, 2023 · 3 min read

Raspberry Hibiscus is a refreshingly infused seltzer that injects some reliable relaxation into your day.

IN REVIEW: Mad Lilly's cannabis-infused raspberry hibiscus drink is a refreshing, low-dose (5mg THC and 5mg CBD), 12oz beverage with a delightful flavor and aroma. Free of any added sugars or sweeteners, it offers a gentle relaxing experience, making it perfect for microdosing, beginners, or as an alternative to alcohol. Enjoy its quick onset, natural fruit juices and mild effects for a pleasurable, anxiety-free experience.

This is a delectable cannabis-infused drink that is both refreshing and relaxing, leaving no cannabis taste behind. For low-tolerance edible lovers, this is a perfect low-dose beverage that can help take the edge off and put you in the right frame of mind to tackle most any activity. 

The onset is quick here. At around the 15-minute mark, one gets the sense of facial muscles loosening and petty stressors vanishing before your very eyes. With only 5mg THC and 5mg CBD, this is no psychonautic catapult to the great beyond. Instead, it's much more low-key and chill, like something you would reach for after a long day of work just to gain some equilibrium.

It makes a great alcohol substitute that can take the place of your usual evening glass of red wine. Or, if you still prefer to booze it up, this raspberry hibiscus also makes for a good mixer. While I found the effects to be mild and short-lived, it still made for a pleasurable experience that can be just enough of an attitude adjuster to change the trajectory of your day for the better. 

For those who are just dipping their toes into the cannabis market, this will make for a nice starter product. It's something that will help you kick back and relax without any of the anxiety you can get from higher-dosed beverages. The unique flavor combination is also spot on. I'd drink it even if there were zero milligrams of THC.

This is the kind of beverage you could enjoy at any time of day. Drink it at work or around the house, in the morning or at night. Wherever you need some mental or physical relief, this drink from Mad Lilly should come through for you in a very gentle way. The 1:1 THC/CBD combination is just enough to improve your mood, and I found that it even mitigated my shoulder pain a bit.

For those with a high tolerance, you will probably feel nothing but the tastiness of the beverage. I could see myself packing this along for a beach outing, camping trip, or outdoor concert. It emits positive vibes without ever treading in the territory of physical or mental discomfort.

If you are into microdosing, then this would be a good choice to experiment with. Pack a few in your work cooler or just sip throughout the day as you work on house chores or personal projects. There is a nice sense of clarity to the effect of this infused beverage, and I found that it just made me a warmer person to be around. 

I'm not sure who this Lilly is, but there is nothing to get mad about with this drink. It's just a relaxing and relief-inducing buzz that adds a nice shade of positivity to any experience.