High Seltzer - Passion Fruit Pineapple Single


Product Details

10mg THC, 5mg THCv
Fruity, Sweet
Serving Size
1 can (12fl oz)
Water, sugar, passionfruit juice, cannabis extract, natural flavors
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g (0% DV)
Sodium15mg (1% DV)
Total Carbohydrates6g (2% DV)

Product Description

Each 12 oz can has 10mg of THC and still only carries 25 calories and 2g of sugar. Thanks to our emulsion nanotechnology - our high seltzer works quicker than an average edible and allows for the most efficient absorption into your system so you won't be left waiting to catch your buzz.

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Expert Review

Brighten Up Any Day With This Uplifting Cannabis Drink

Review by Luca Belloiu

Nov 11, 2022 · 4 min read

Pabst’s Passionfruit Pineapple High Seltzer offers happy highs and a sunny disposition.

In Review: A Blue Ribbon high through and through, Pabst's flavorful and effervescent Passion Fruit Pineapple High Seltzer offers endless good vibes in a 12 oz., 10mg THC can. As kind on your waistline with only 30 calories as it is on your mindset, reach for this tropical, non-alcoholic beverage when you need an uplifting and euphoric kick with a quick onset. It’s just as perfect for social hangs as it is relaxing solo on a day off, so we recommend stocking up on a few 4-packs to stay ready for whatever comes your way.

The older I get, the less enthusiastic I am about getting sloshed on a football Sunday and then showing up to work the next morning feeling like the undead. This mental note of mine must have somehow reached the ears of the fine people at Pabst Blue Ribbon. They have devised a tasty High Seltzer that gives off some serious tropical vibes. It made more than a worthy substitute for booze, and brought some fun vibes to a Sunday afternoon of watching football with friends.

This infused beverage's low sugar and carb content means you can enjoy it in a guilt-free way.

The flavor of this High Seltzer is pure pineapple and passionfruit, and let me just say, it tastes great on the rocks. It’s refreshing and could also be used as a nice mixer if you insist on having alcohol. For something so sweet, it’s nice to know that it won’t set you back in the calorie department, as its low sugar and carb content means you can enjoy this in a guilt-free way. The onset is also fairly quick with this beverage, and it took all of around 15 minutes for the 10mgs of THC to start knocking off my mental cobwebs and start instilling a sense of clarity and energy into my life.

On top of that, it gave me a bit of a creative boost, so I put it to good use and decided to make the sort of epic spread that could satiate any munchies high. It was nice that I was actually able to follow the game too, being that I wasn’t six beers deep by halftime. This THC buzz was subtle for 10mgs of THC, so if you are a bit of a lightweight or middle of the rung edible lover, this should suit you well.

I felt a lot of positivity almost instantly, and this just set a nice tone for a surprisingly long-lasting high. In a football watching context, I also found that it made me into a more docile person as my smack talking game was almost non-existent. I just preferred to kick back instead, which I think is probably better for my blood pressure and social bonding in the long run.

It has the makings of a memorable day high, as the euphoria and uplifting nature really take center stage. I found myself to be really in the moment, and there were more than a few times where we all just got caught up in laughing fits. There was no stomach distress to speak of with this beverage, and I did not get groggy at any point. It also went well with the large tray of buffalo wings I made. (The fact that my stomach didn’t hurt even after that is yet another cause for celebration.)

It made me want to take pause and savor the moment.

I can envision this beverage joining several of its friends inside a cooler for any beach day or camping trip. Sipping one of these tropical tasting seltzers and laying in the sand as the sound of waves crash through your consciousness seems like a sublime way to spend a weekend or day off.

At the peak of this high I felt totally detached from any stress I was experiencing previously, and in its place I was overcome with a sense of well being. It made me want to take pause and savor the moment. Even though my football team lost, I still felt grateful in establishing a connection with pals and opting for a less harmful social lubricant. In other words, I became a better friend and a horrible sports fan. It was just hard to take anything personal during this experience. It’s very much a “go with the flow” sort of high.

I would drink this again for most any social situation, knowing that I would not lose control or garner any unwanted side effects while everyone else is enjoying themselves. While this provided a lot of fun as a midday cannabis infused beverage, I would not discount this as an effective “nightcap” either. It’s a fine way to wind down the evening without feeling sedated. Kudos to Pabst for breaking through their loyal beer fanbase and reeling in some slow sippin’ stoners with one twelve ounce can we can all get behind.