Lightning Drops



Product Details

100mg THC
Lemon, Spices, Herbal
Serving Size
1 shot
Lemon juice, ginger juice, agave nectar, cannabis extract, yerba mate, natural bergamot flavor
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g
Total Carbs2g
Total Sugars1g

Product Description

Introducing Lightning Drops, a new cannabis drink designed for the cannoisseur — a better tasting, high-dose and purposefully powerful beverage infused with natural energy from yerba mate. With 100MG THC, this delicious drink pairs flavor with force. Start slow because Lightning doesn’t. Fuel your fade. Take your high even higher with 100MG caffeine — a bold strike of natural energy from yerba mate — that feels equivalent to ~1.5 cups of coffee. Lightning blends real lemon, ginger juice and mate for a tantalizing tea taste with a hint of bergamot.

Effects Profile

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The effect profile of Thunder and Lightning Lightning Drops is based on 3 user reviews.


Expert Review

Lightning In A Bottle

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jan 20, 2023 · 3 min read

This caffeine and cannabis infused energy drink will jumpstart your day in an epic way.

IN REVIEW: Lightning Drops, a potent THC-infused beverage from Thunder and Lightning, delivers a powerful morning boost with its tea-like flavor and effects. Packed with 100mg of THC so you can dose through your day, it offers the perfect balance of energy and focus for tackling tasks, workouts, and even gaming. Ideal for high tolerance edible lovers, Lightning Drops helps fight stress and depressive thinking while providing an uplifting, clear-headed experience. Be sure exercise caution with dosage to avoid anxiety-inducing effects.

Each 2 oz. bottle has enough caffeine and THC inside of it for you to embark on a major work, like perhaps a life-size replica of the Great Wall of China. To say this is a suitable morning boost would be like saying chloroform is for catnaps. In reality, each bottle of Lightning Drops contains no more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. It's the whopping 100 mg of THC that propels this drink into the stratosphere. Perfect for high tolerance edible lovers who are looking to turbocharge their day.

As someone who errs on the side of caution, I took about two capfuls, which put me at about the 20 mg THC range. That was more than enough to set me off on a litany of house chores and manual labor tasks. Despite the workload, I found this sense of wide-eyed optimism permeating my every pore.