Mendo Breath Jelly Wax



Product Details

69% THC
Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla

Product Description

Brite Labs' Mendo Breath Jelly Wax is an ideal bedtime dab. The high is quick-hitting and calm, leaving you on the couch in a relaxed stupor. The taste isn't popular, but the tingly body buzz should leave you lovingly embracing your pillows.

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The effect profile of Brite Labs Mendo Breath Jelly Wax is based on 4 user reviews.





Expert Review

Your Bedtime Is Going To Love This Concentrate

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Apr 30, 2019 · 4 min read

Even with Aquaman's nips to distract me, I fell hard and fast for this jelly wax.

When I was first introduced to dabs, I designated them special-occasion-only, choosing not to integrate the consumption method into my daily smoking routine. My first reaction to a wax dab was, “omg why?” which eventually simmered into an, “omg yes.” Overall, it seemed like a lot of theater to achieve the (admittedly remarkable) high. I relegated the process to the same celebratory territory as champagne and stilettos—special occasions only. Brite Labs’ Mendo Breath Jelly Wax would have fallen into this prohibitive category, but my duties as a Proper product rater come before my semi-arbitrary weed rules, and so I spent a day reacquainting myself with the telescoped high of wax concentrates. Having skipped the “omg why” to land on an enthusiastic “omg yes,” I have re-examined my restrictive rules and now favor non-celebratory dabbing. As long as you have the constitution for it, of course.

The inhale was a silky breath of pure citrus with a chamomile flower finish.