Joyful & Present Kiwi Lime Sauvignon Blanc Gummies (20 Pack)



Product Details

3.5mg THCV, 5mg THC
Lime, Fruity
Serving Size
1 gummy
Sugar, tapioca syrup, water, gelatin, wine grape concentrate, wine (non-alcoholic), citric acid, pectin, vegetable oil, natural flavors, cannabis extract, tapioca flour, sunflower lethicin, natural vegetable colors

Product Description

Garden Society Joyful & Present Kiwi Lime Sauvignon Blanc gummies are inspired by the delicious flavors of Wine Country. Our THCV-rich, refreshingly tart Kiwi Lime Sauvignon Blanc gummies will leave you feeling joy-filled and in the moment, even on your most hectic days. Pop one, or two, and in less time than it takes to listen to that mindfulness app, you'll be color-coordinating your sock drawer - or it just might release your inner social butterfly! Looking for a munchie-free high? THCV is renowned for its appetite suppressing ability. Using proprietary, fast-acting technology, these full spectrum edibles feature a special sour coating to complement the delightful flavors of kiwi, lime, and crisp sauvignon blanc and will provide the desired effect in around 15 minutes! THCV effects include: appetite regulation, functional creativity, joyful & present, visual, energizing