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Humboldt Sugar Co. Cannabis Infused Sugar Sticks


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Cannabis Infused Sugar Sticks
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1 stick

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40g (100mg THC)

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Pour Some (Medicated) Sugar On Me

Humboldt Sugar Co. has turned your everyday sweetener into a focusing and joyful microdose option.

IN REVIEW: Each of these easily concealable sugar packets contains 5mg of THC, and the subtle yet present high makes them a solid product to stock up on for an on-the-go high. Humboldt Sugar Co. is a woman-owned and operated cannabis business based in Northern California, and they use nothing but sun-grown, unbleached cane sugar and Humboldt County cannabis in their pure product. Great for microdosing through your day, pour a pack into your morning coffee or afternoon tea, and get ready for an upbeat attitude and newfound focus.

Humboldt Sugar Co.’s 5mg Cannabis Infused Sugar Sticks are not unlike those you see packed into a rectangular container on any run-of-the-mill diner table. Though these will likely give you much more than a sugar buzz. As far as the taste goes, they lean faithfully towards the classic sugar in the raw taste rather than that of cannabis. So if you like sugar in your morning cup of coffee or tea, this should be an ideal choice. One would be hard-pressed to notice any real change in flavor. What you might notice, however, is a light buzz that’s at once energetic and joy-inducing.

I felt a palpable sense of gratitude and a mild euphoria that suited the workday well.

When I arrived at work on a Monday morning, I knew it was going to be the kind of day where a strong cup of coffee simply wouldn’t suffice. I poured a 5mg sugar stick into my cup of joe and waited. After about 20 minutes, my caffeine buzz was accompanied by an optimistic sense of joy and energy. I would need it as I encountered one stream of annoyance after another. Luckily, I have the sort of job where I could be pretty high, pretty much most of the time. These sugar packets make discreet dosing a breeze, and they allowed me to deal with the many difficult personalities I encounter regularly without giving in to anger, rage, or even passive-aggressiveness. Don’t let anyone tell you a mere 5mg of THC can’t make a world of difference.

I snuck another Humboldt Sugar Stick into my second cup of coffee around lunchtime. This helped keep me focused for the second half of the workday while proving itself effective against petty aggravations. In short, it made me more tolerable, tolerant, and easygoing. I felt a palpable sense of gratitude and a mild euphoria that suited the workday well. In no way did I ever feel out of control or anxious, this is simply conducive to the workplace, and helped me stay on task.

It does an effective job of taking the edge off while allowing you to experience your surroundings under a somewhat more vibrant lens.

As a day high, this gets high marks. It’s energizing, and it has the potential to turn the mundane into something a little more fun. Yet I couldn’t help but feel like I didn’t use these sugar packets to their full potential. I’d envisioned making banana bread or pie of some sort using this Humboldt Sugar, but alas, I cannot bake. If this is a talent you possess and you’re good at measuring, then you’re likely to experience this product as it’s meant to be experienced. After all, if you’re going to be ingesting cannabis sugar, you might as well go big and make a cake or fancy pastry. Then again, I have a ravenous sweet tooth, so I’ll always err on the side of decadence. This will also work well in lemonades, iced teas, or giving new meaning to grandma’s time-honored punch recipe.

The high is short-lived and lends itself nicely to microdosing throughout the day. It does an effective job of taking the edge off while allowing you to experience your surroundings under a somewhat more vibrant lens. It’s also very easy on the stomach, and each packet provided me with no noticeable side effects, with the exception of the fact that sugar is really the last thing I need in my life. One could say it’s my Achilles heel, but when it has the ability to deliver a buzz that makes you feel like you can slay Goliath, then you tend to make an exception. Move over Splenda.

Community Reviews

5 out of 5 (1 Review)

I love it and tell all my friends how awesome it is! It's also cool that the company is women-owned and the packaging is recyclable.

May 11th, 2021

I love these sugar sticks! I use them in my coffee and tea or just put them in my pocket on the go or to share with my friends. They give me the perfect high-happy and relaxed. Highly recommend!

May 11th, 2021

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