Dark Chocolate CBD Kiva Bar



Product Details

1mg THC, 5mg CBD
Serving Size
1 piece
Semisweet chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), cannabis extract
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat1g
Total Carbs1g

Product Description

This delicious edible is a solid option for new users, but each bite also provides a gentle and doseable high for a cannabis consumer at any level. The heavy CBD should help with nagging anxiety, aches and pains, and the low amount of THC means you can eat as much as you want without fear of going too far. Expect the same reliable quality and experience you’ve come to know from Kiva.

Effects Profile

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About Kiva

Kiva is a family-owned cannabis brand that has been dedicated to crafting high-quality edibles since its founding in 2010. Started by Scott and Kristi Palmer, it was born out of frustration with the inconsistent edibles available at the time. Today, they are known for their award-winning cannabis confections that are carefully crafted to set higher standards for the entire legal cannabis industry. Which is why they self-impose stringent standards for everything from potency and production to packaging and testing to ensure that every consumer can easily find their sweet spot. Kiva Confection also makes Camino, Petra, Terra, and Lost Farms.