Saturday Morning Mini Cookies



Product Details

10mg THC
Fruity, Vanilla, Sweet
Serving Size
1 cookie
Flour, fruity rice cereal, brown sugar, sugar, cannabis, butter, eggs, mini-marshmallows, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat2g (3% DV)
Sat Fat1g (5% DV)
Cholesterol15mg (5% DV)
Sodium20mg (1% DV)
Carbohydrates6g (2% DV)

Product Description

Korova's Saturday Morning Mini Cookies are good for a spacey afternoon in the sun. The cake batter flavor can be a little too sweet for some, but the texture is pleasant. Korova Cookies typically provide a calm, clear high that can zone you out if you don't have an activity planned. You might forget what you were planning on doing but you'll probably be too content to care.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Saturday Morning Nostalgia In Two Bites

Review by Samantha Jane Gurewitz

Feb 01, 2019 · 4 min read

This cookie took me right back to high school in the most delicious way.

Some things will always remind you of being in high school. For me, the taste of sweet cereal, being stoned, and walking around listening to slightly-angry-but-mostly-angsty music are the big three, and these Saturday Morning Mini Cookies from Korova helped me hit the nostalgia trifecta.

I made pot cookies once in high school. We ground up a whole quarter of devil lettuce and just threw it into some butter in batch of chocolate chip cookies. The cannabis flavor was strong and the potency even stronger. That was the first time I learned that overdosing on edibles means you are going to pass out and sleep hard no matter whose couch you’re on. Luckily, at a more scientifically measured dose of 10mg of THC per cookie, these were much easier to handle and didn’t have that heavy herbal flavor that screams, “Hey, there’s weed in this!”