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Lord Jones Old Fashioned Gumdrops


Lord Jones' Old Fashioned Gumdrops are tasty, nostalgic, and exceptionally comfortable. Each is packed with a potent 20mg of CBD, so you won't get high but you'll likely only need one. By the time they kick in you should feel relieved enough to take on any task or tuck your self in for the night.

Ranked 47 of 370 in Edibles for feeling Relaxed.

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Old Fashioned Gumdrops
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20mg CBD





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1 gumdrop

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9 gumdrops (180mg CBD)

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European fruit essences, sugar, gelatin, citric acid and the finest California-grown pure cannabis extract


These CBD Gumdrops Make Long To-Do Lists Easy

These are the perfect entry point for anyone hesitant to try CBD.

When it comes to cannabis products, I’m usually one to shy away from edibles. With infused foods, I’ve found that dosing precisely can be somewhat difficult, and I often get much higher than I wanted to be. Once the high takes effect, it can feel as though it will never end. I don’t like that feeling.

Which is why I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed the experience offered by Lord Jones’ Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops. Generally with edibles, any “weedy” taste immediately brings back memories of eating too high a dose in my high school days and becoming too intoxicated. However, these treats—each gumdrop is infused with 20mg of CBD—provided the exact opposite experience.

I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed the experience.

I have been exploring CBD products over the last few months to decrease inflammation, treat anxiety, and relieve my muscles after strenuous aerial training sessions. I am not a daily cannabis consumer anymore, but close to it. As such, I like to stick to low doses so I can consume throughout my day if I'm in physical pain, in need of creative inspiration, or if I’m unwinding from a busy day.

If you’ve had bad experiences with edibles, or THC products in general, then you might want to consider trying cannabis products high in CBD. The non-intoxicating compound is rich in analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. I have found that CBD is a great alternative to THC when I am looking for a cannabis experience but not necessarily seeking a cerebral “high." I generally go with CBD tinctures; however, I enjoyed being able to consume CBD through a more tasty alternative with the Lord Jones drops. Many CBD products are expensive so I think these low-dose edibles are a great way to explore the compound, without such a heavy financial commitment.

The gumdrops come in two flavors: Citrus and Berry. Both variations left a slightly bitter aftertaste, which luckily only lasted for a few minutes. The berry was my favorite of the two because the aftertaste didn’t linger as long, and I tend to be a berry lover over citrus anyway. The texture was what you would expect of any exceptional gumdrop—not too chewy, nor too firm.

As the effects of the drop took hold, I was working on my computer. I felt especially alert, but also totally calm. My body was definitely relaxed, not heavy or tired. I was putting together the manual for an upcoming Lit Yoga Teacher Training, and it became very easy and painless to type. For a little background, Lit Yoga is a cannabis yoga studio I opened a year ago. We offer weekly cannabis-enhanced classes and are now training other yoga teachers to incorporate the cannabis plant into their teaching. We offer a safe space for students to mindfully try cannabis in a variety of forms and offer education on the benefits and precautions when consuming.

I felt a warm, mellow, just barely perceptible buzz take hold.

Generally, when I work on my computer for long periods of time, the lack of physical movement causes by body to tense up. As the CBD gumdrops started to kick in, I felt a warm, mellow, just barely perceptible buzz take hold, and the tension in my shoulders softened.

Not necessarily high, but much more comfortable, I began feeling less panicked about all of the work I had to get done that night, and instead questioned why I don't use CBD every time I have an extensive amount of deadlines piling up on my desktop. Lord Jones' gumdrops, coupled with smooth, soft piano music I had playing in the background, made for a winning combo and delivered a peaceful state of mind. After I finished the manual, I drew a bath and allowed my muscles to melt into the warm water. It seems that CBD-infused products and a hot bath pair together equally as well.

Ultimately, I would recommend these gumdrops to anyone seeking a subtle mood boost or a remedy for anxiety. The drops are a tasty way to satisfy one’s sweet tooth at any point in the day and won’t leave you with a typical sugar high (and subsequent crash). They offer a discreet, portable method of consumption that is perfect for an outdoor adventure. I would take them on a hike in Malibu Canyon or on a family camping trip. I would also recommend offering these to your parents or anyone who is keen to try cannabis without getting too high

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September 28th, 2022
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