Old Fashioned Gumdrops



Product Details

20mg CBD
Citrus, Berries
Serving Size
1 gumdrop
European fruit essences, sugar, gelatin, citric acid and the finest California-grown pure cannabis extract

Product Description

Lord Jones' Old Fashioned Gumdrops are tasty, nostalgic, and exceptionally comfortable. Each is packed with a potent 20mg of CBD, so you won't get high but you'll likely only need one. By the time they kick in you should feel relieved enough to take on any task or tuck your self in for the night.

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Expert Review

These CBD Gumdrops Make Long To-Do Lists Easy

Review by Hannah Mitchell

Jun 20, 2018 · 4 min read

These are the perfect entry point for anyone hesitant to try CBD.

When it comes to cannabis products, I’m usually one to shy away from edibles. With infused foods, I’ve found that dosing precisely can be somewhat difficult, and I often get much higher than I wanted to be. Once the high takes effect, it can feel as though it will never end. I don’t like that feeling.

Which is why I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed the experience offered by Lord Jones’ Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops. Generally with edibles, any “weedy” taste immediately brings back memories of eating too high a dose in my high school days and becoming too intoxicated. However, these treats—each gumdrop is infused with 20mg of CBD—provided the exact opposite experience.