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Strain Notes: This sativa-dominant, citrus-forward cross between Lemon Tree and OG Eddy blends a zesty lemon aroma rounded out by sweet, hoppy flavor notes. Flavor Notes: Inspired by the tangy citrus flavors of the strain Lemon Bean, this fruit gummy boasts sweet strawberry flavors upfront with a classic lemonade finish.

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A Stoned Fairytale Come to Life

Review by Kelly Graham

Jan 22, 2021 · 5 min read

The euphoria of both of these Kiva Lost Farms gummies make for an enchanting adventure.

IN REVIEW: Both Kiva Confections' Lost Farm Strawberry Lemonade and Raspberry Gummies offer an uplifting and euphoric high that transforms any day into near-storybook perfection. With equally dreamy flavors, you’ll want to pack these gummies for your next adventure. Expect the sativa-leaning Strawberry Lemonade to provide waves of mood-boosting excitement ideal for a creative project or the outdoors, and the Raspberry Gummies to give you balanced and amiable effects perfect for both day and night.

Going to the farmers market on Sunday mornings has become one of my new rituals that I look forward to each week. The fresh fruit and vegetables, the unexpected vendors with intriguing wares, the mouthwatering smell of handmade baked goods, all of it awakens your senses and signals your brain to go to its happy place—all of which is even better when you add some weed into the mix.

I re-entered reality feeling cleansed, energized, and purposeful.

Last Sunday I chose Kiva Confections’ Lost Farm Strawberry Lemonade Gummies as my companion for my market run, as it was a special day. It was my boyfriend’s birthday and we were going to escape for a few days in the charming hills of Topanga Canyon. A real dream come true after being stuck at home for the past few months.

Even though I had an adventurous day ahead of me, I felt safe reaching for these gummies infused with the sativa-dominant strain Super Lemon Haze. I popped open the tube and a drool-inducing sugary scent immediately hit my nostrils. Feeling my happy endorphins already starting to perk up, I grabbed one sugar-coated gummy from the tube and quickly inhaled it.

Even more drool-worthy than the aroma, these gummies lead with the taste of fresh strawberries and finish with a satisfying lemony tartness that lingers for just a moment. There’s only a whisper of weed, and it’s perfectly disguised by the burst of citrus flavor. The texture is equally enjoyable, with an inside that’s soft and chewy and an outside that’s crunchy and sweet.

Already smiling from the taste alone, I hopped in the shower and got ready for the rest of my day. I left my apartment about an hour later, only to be greeted by a warm yet crisp morning with nothing but clear blue skies. I walked with a little pep in my step as I headed up to the market, slowly feeling a mellow high begin to sink into my mind.

I turned the corner to the market entrance where a man was playing piano out front. The combination of my high and the soft tinkling music bouncing off the Downtown LA scenery seemed to add a layer of fairytale enchantment over the day. My body felt relaxed as I leisurely strolled from booth to booth, but my mind felt energetic, excited, and uplifted by the sight of the bounty in front of me.

With a bag of goodies and a fresh cup of Ethiopian coffee in hand, I reached the end of the market where a vendor always has sage or incense lit. The smoke drifted over my body as I re-entered reality feeling cleansed, energized, and purposeful—which may have also been the edible talking, but who’s to say?

Enjoying this balanced high, I strolled back to my apartment to make a quick french toast brunch and pack up for the trip. Filled with energy and excitement, Kiva’s Strawberry Lemonade Gummies gave me the boost I needed to stay on schedule without the usual travel stress. My boyfriend and I packed up the car, he hopped into the driver’s seat and we were on our way.

As I slammed the passenger side door, it was like I hit the reverse button on my high. Even in the passenger seat, few things stress me out more than driving. I felt my high slip away and my anxiety creep in, so I knew it was time to re-up. Impressed with the Lost Farm Gummies from earlier that morning, I stashed a tube of their Raspberry flavor into my purse.

I cracked it open and I couldn’t believe that the smell was even better than their Strawberry Lemonade Gummies. It almost smelled like a berry cotton candy, which if that’s not a thing, it should be based on this intoxicating aroma. I popped one gummy into my mouth, and while the taste didn’t quite live up to the scent, it was still delectable. You’re first met with a juicy berry flavor before it gives way to a slight bitterness of weed that quickly faded as you crunch on the sugary coating.

Our drive through the twists and turns of the canyon started to look more and more like something out of a dream.

Infused with 10 milligrams of Blue Dream, I felt ready for whatever the streets of Los Angeles could throw our way. Once outside of the city, our drive through the twists and turns of the canyon started to look more and more like something out of a dream. I took in the views as my high began to trickle in, feeling like Princess Peach in the sidecar of Luigi’s motorcycle on a real life Mario Kart racing track, sans the messy windblown hair. My mind felt completely at ease while we were on the road, as my body surrendered to the softness of the plush seat beneath me.

As we pulled up to our romantic cabin tucked away in the mountains, I felt a wave of release come over me. If only for a moment, the stress of life fell from my shoulders as I walked up the stone path to a whimsical, tree-lined oasis. The precisely dosed hybrid gummy gently nudged me into a place of inner peace and calm. I tossed my suitcase into the closet, sprawled back on the bed, and took in a deep energizing breath.

“What a day,” I thought to myself with a full heart.

And there’s no doubt that Kiva’s Lost Farm Gummies added some joy to my adventurous day. Both offered a euphoric high with their own individual nuances that carried me through from morning to night: With the Strawberry Lemonade Gummies there was an energy and an excitement behind the effects, while the Raspberry was a little more laidback and calm, resulting in a perfectly-balanced storybook experience. 

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SLH is a strain well known to give energy, and these gummies don't disappoint in that regard. I'll feel euphoric, energetic, and focused for the first 1.5-2 hours, but after that point, the high starts wearing off quickly and becomes very very subtle. I also wish they were a little more potent.

About Lost Farm

Lost Farm is committed to providing an authentic and premium cannabis experience to consumers who have been around the block. Their strain-specific, plant-based Gummies and Chews are infused with 100% live resin, allowing for a true-to-the-plant high that captures the essence of each strain. What results in an extra-strength edible that offers a full-sensory experience with unparalleled freshness and flavor. With Lost Farm, Kiva Confections has created a brand that embodies the spirit of exploration and a quest for perfection, inspiring cannabis enthusiasts to indulge in a truly exceptional product.