Lost Farm Thorny Berry x Gas & Roses Fruit Chews - 10mg



Product Details

10mg THC
Berries, Fruity
Serving Size
1 fruit chew
Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Freeze Dried Acai Powder, Citric Acid, Natural Berry Flavor WONF, Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color, Agar, Mono- and Diglycerides, Sodium Citrate, Potato Starch, Soy Lecithin, Cannabis Extract, Corn Starch.

Product Description

Strain Notes: This sativa-leaning hybrid benefits from Moon Gazer Farms’ sungrown, regenerative practices, and features notes of earth, rose and fuel, with a hint of citrus. Flavor Notes: Dominated by the distinct flavors of Black Raspberry, this bright, crisp chew also features a sharp Gooseberry finish to balance out the savory scents of Gas And Roses live resin.

About Lost Farm by Kiva

Lost Farm is committed to providing an authentic and premium cannabis experience to consumers who have been around the block. Their strain-specific, plant-based Gummies and Chews are infused with 100% live resin, allowing for a true-to-the-plant high that captures the essence of each strain. What results in an extra-strength edible that offers a full-sensory experience with unparalleled freshness and flavor. With Lost Farm, Kiva Confections has created a brand that embodies the spirit of exploration and a quest for perfection, inspiring cannabis enthusiasts to indulge in a truly exceptional product.