Uplift Sour Watermelon Gummies


Product Details

5mg THC
Sour, Watermelon
Serving Size
1 gummy
Glucose, sugar, distilled water, kosher gelatin, natural colors and flavors, malic acid, citric acid, cannabis, carnauba wax (carnauba wax, vegetable oil, sunflower lecithin), terpenes
Nutrition Facts
Fat Cal.0
Trans Fat0g
Total Fat0g (0% DV)
Sodium2g (0% DV)
Carbohydrates1g (0% DV)
Fiber0.7g (3% DV)
Sugars0.45g (0% DV)
Protein0.9g (2% DV)

Product Description

These Uplift Gummies by Plus have a sweet, nostalgic flavor of sour watermelon and an even better high. These can take up to 2 hours to kick in, so it's best to be patient before chewing on another. The high can be more of a subtle uplift depending on your tolerance, but there's a happy vibe to it. It's good for a social buzz or for a Sunday morning mood boost.

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Expert Review

Jumpstart Vacation Mode In Two Gummies Or Less

Review by Norma Kwee

Jan 22, 2019 · 4 min read

I have a hard time relaxing even when the conditions are right. Enter these tiny, delicious weed gummies.

With the pace of life always accelerating these days, getting to unwind from work and family stresses can be a challenge even in the most optimal circumstances. Take this recent experience of mine as an example: A few weeks ago, I found myself in a picturesque scene. I was basking in the desert heat while poolside at a post-modern home in Palm Springs. Despite being surrounded by some of my best friends, I continually found myself going through a mental checklist of all the responsibilities I left back home. Sound familiar?

Well, I wasn’t about to let stress derail my whole weekend, so I decided to try some Sour Watermelon Gummies by Plus for the first time. Plus describes their gummies as sativa-heavy candies that produce an “awesome yet functional high.” Check. Coincidentally, they happen to be low-calorie candies made with natural, kosher ingredients. Double check. My friends were well on their way into vacation mode, and I was banking on these gummies to help get me there, too. Everything in my immediate surroundings was begging me to unwind a bit, so I took the plunge and started with a single piece of candy containing 5mg of THC.

A cool glass of rosé topped off the gummy and left my taste buds feeling delightfully bougie without being basic.

The gummy’s sugary, strawberry-watermelon flavor quickly dissolved on my tongue, leaving the slightest bit of cannabis aftertaste. Being a frequent edible user, I didn’t expect much to happen for at least an hour. But within less than ten minutes, I began to relax and settle into my high. I felt uplifted—which is important to the maintenance of vacation vibes—along with a subtle head high. It was pulling me up towards the towering palm trees while the stress of my “real” life was noticeably fading away into the desert landscape.

I’m not usually a big drinker, but in the scorching desert heat I paired Plus with a glass of rosé. If I do say so myself, it was the perfect pairing. A cool glass of rosé topped off the gummy and left my taste buds feeling delightfully bougie without being basic. The highs from the wine and the gummy proved to be supremely complimentary, buoying my mood while keeping my body relaxed and down to earth. In my experience, edibles and alcohol rarely go well together and tend to leave me feeling bogged down. But in this case, the relatively small amounts of both wine and weed (my tolerance is typically a couple glasses and 10mg, respectively) left me feeling more than alright—I felt downright blissful. In my book, that’s called a win-win.

About an hour after eating my first gummy, I added another to my total dose. From there I maintained my high, consuming a gummy every 30 minutes to keep my low-grade anxiety at bay. I can confidently say Plus Sativa Sour Watermelon Gummies provide a high that might land you drifting across a pool on an inflatable swan. All my faculties were intact, and I was still following in the lighthearted pool debate over the proper way to craft a summer cocktail. My thoughts, however, drifted from passion projects to possible licentious pursuits that evening, swaying like trees in a breeze. Two gummies in and I was in full vacation mode.

I’ve written previously about my preference for microdosing. This was no exception to that preference. I like to be in control of my high (as everyone should) and these gummies were another head nod towards my outlook on this new type of edible. I found that Plus’s 5mg doses provided a level, consistent high perfect for microdosing. I can see a number of great uses for this product that aren’t poolside. They produce a pleasant day high, acting as a catalyst to rambunctious activities and minimizing the odds of the all too familiar day drinking hangover. Discreetly consume them while at a ball game when there’s a few hours to kill, a team to cheer for, and crowds of people you want to both engage and ignore.

Full warning, these gummy candies will melt if left out in the heat (duh!). But they are so mouth watering delicious, you’ll scrape them off the tin and consume the shapeless puddle of candy after a solid attempt at re-portioning the dose. As with any new edible, just be sure to start low and go slow—but I bet you already know that.