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ReCreate Focus Chocolate


Ranked 213 of 357 in Edibles for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 213 of 357 in Edibles for feeling Relaxed.

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Focus Chocolate
Product Information

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2.5mg THC, 10mg CBD





Serving Size

One chocolate

Package Contents/Qty

3 pieces (7.5mg THC, 30mg CBD) | 10 pieces (25mg THC, 100mg CBD)

Dietary Labels


Side Effects


Shelf Life



Dark Chocolate (Cacao, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla Beans), MCTOil, Lion’s Mane, Complete Vitamin B Complex, Cordyceps, Matcha, Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract, THC, Peppermint Oil, Sunflower Lecithin

Nutrition Facts
Calories 20
Total Fat 1.5g
Saturated Fat 1g
Sodium 0g
Total Carbs 2g
Total Sugar 1g
Iron 0.3mg


Lack of Focus Has Met Its Matcha

These don’t pack in flavor, but the effects are something to savor

IN REVIEW: These vegan, non-GMO Focus Matcha Mint Chocolates are a part of the Stanley Brothers’ ReCreate line. They want to redefine how we approach edibles, and they are doing so with targeted products and balanced ratios. These chocolates have 2.5mg of THC and 10mg of CBD each, and will brighten your mood no matter what's got you down. The decently high amount of CBD makes these a great go-to for relief from minor aches and pains, and the THC is just enough to get a slight bit of euphoria that won't weigh you down. While the effects are certainly great, our users did report that they could last a bit longer. 

The cannabis industry has grown so much in the past decade. Gone are the days where you have to meet that weird guy with the pet chinchilla so you can score mediocre grass wrapped in a greasy ziplock bag. The future of weed has arrived, and it’s brought with it a slew of legitimized and professional brands (for better or for worse) all trying to innovate and enhance your high. The best example of how far we’ve come in the cannabis industry is in the category of edibles. I’m constantly wowed by the variety, potency, and quality of edibles in our current era—and how far they’ve come. Stanley Brothers continues this new tradition with its Recreate Focus Matcha Mint Chocolates. Heavy on the CBD, these bite-sized chocolates are mild on the head high and heavier on the body buzz, but with just the right balance of each to give a wonderful boost to any stressful day.

A great go-to for when you don’t want to have your head in the clouds, but you need some mild relief from a stressful day.

The sleek packaging feels designed to look more medicinal and less like a box of sweets, and the chocolate tastes exactly as advertised. I did find it to be waxy, chalky, and lacking in a rich flavor that so many other great chocolates have these days. While the mint was present, it wasn’t enough to make up for the bland, lackluster flavor. This product is vegan, and while some people assume that there is an unavoidable trade-off between flavor and ethics, it’s not true. Just like cannabis products, vegan sweets have also come a long way, and there’s simply no excuse for making a dull flavorless treat. It feels slightly lazy and uninspired. Now, while these chocolates do disappoint with their taste, the high this product delivers more than makes up for it.

I slowly and gently started to feel all of my muscles relax, and my mild joint pain began to disappear. For pretty much all my life I’ve suffered from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I found these chocolates proved themselves to be a wonderful alternative to anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen. The dosage (one chocolate piece) is the perfect amount for people that like their edibles to go easy on their head. I didn’t really feel “high” as one would typically describe it, since the THC was barely noticeable. Instead, I felt focused and clear, while my body was relaxed but not lethargic or heavy. It makes these chocolates a great go-to for when you don’t want to have your head in the clouds, but you need some mild relief from a stressful day.

These chocolates are wonderfully balanced. As you get to the bulk of the high, you’ll find the THC taking a backseat, allowing for the real star of the show, the CBD, to take center stage. I felt like my body had just taken a wonderfully comfy nap, but my mind was awake the whole time. I could concentrate on anything I wanted, and the pain-free feeling brightened my mood and motivated me to get to the projects I’d been putting off. I felt motivated, energized, and refreshed. These edibles are for the people who say they don’t like edibles. When taking the recommended dose of one chocolate, the risk of having a bad experience is next to nothing. The high is so light and freeing that I would even recommend it for those who are prone to anxiety.

I found myself flowing easily from task to task - mind clean and clear - my body bubbling with controlled energy. 

As my high went on, it only relaxed me more and more. There are some highs that can be incredible but debilitating. This high doesn’t knock you out nor does it make you jittery. My body felt almost weightless and this pep in my step brightened my mood. I found myself flowing easily from task to task - mind clean and clear - my body bubbling with controlled energy. Imagine the feeling of kicking off your shoes after a long day, and that feeling slowly radiates head to toe. Perfect for a post-workout or when you feel like your body is dragging.

As quietly as it came, the high started to drift away after only a few hours. Though I enjoy an edible that leaves you wanting more, I found myself to be disappointed with the short but sweet high of these chocolates. With an edible like this, where I wouldn’t feel too healthy eating a ton of chocolate, I wish that the minor indulgence was rewarded a bit more. It’s not that I wanted to be more high, I just wanted the high I was feeling to last longer. Despite its shortcomings, these chocolates do provide a delightful high. The heavy CBD these chocolates have provides incredible relief for the body, and no matter what you’re doing throughout your day, you’ll be able to appreciate the refreshing energy that this chocolate will give you. Just subtle enough in the head, and perfectly relaxing in the body, this chocolate is one that’s worth the calories. 

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May 25th, 2022
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