Orange Fire Delights



Product Details

5mg THC
Floral, Fruity
Serving Size
1 delight
Fruit (Alphonso Mango pulp, sour cherry juice, coconut milk*), cane sugar*, tapioca syrup*, non-gmo potato starch, mct coconut oit*, non-gmo citric acid. Flavors (matcha powder*, rosewater, vanilla bean*, vanilla extract*, hibiscus powder*, lime essential oil*), cannabis flower rosin. Coating: tapioca starch* powdered sugar* (*certified organic)
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g
Total Carb.3g
Total Sugars2g

Product Description

Rose's Orange Fire Delights are cannabis-infused Turkish delights with a sweet citrus flavor. The resulting high is often mild and euphoric with a hint of spaciness, so these are ideal for zoning out or boosting your mood. The flavor is not for everyone, so unless you're a fan of the normal version of this gelatinous treat, don't waste money on the weedy ones.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

An Edible That’s Truly A Magical Delight

Review by Samantha Jane Gurewitz

Nov 13, 2019 · 5 min read

These tasty little edibles ushered me into a world of magic—and sandwiches.

IN REVIEW: Rose's Orange Fire Delights are legitimately delightful. Between the nuanced flavors, delectable texture, and buzzy, social high, these THC-infused treats are sure to delight and surprise. 

In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the White Witch gives Edmund a treat of Turkish Delight candies when he enters the magical land of Narnia. As a child, I had always imagined Turkish delight to be a whimsical, magical treat, something sweet and warmly satisfying at the same time, making one tingle with magical feelings of enchantment. But real Turkish delight actually tastes more like a stale, chewy jelly that only grandparents who’ve been through a Great Depression or war could love. I had long ago abandoned my hopes for such a magical candy, and then I stumbled upon Orange Fire Delights by Rose. This is not your normal pedestrian “weed gummy.” Oh no. It’s a decadent jam-like treat that melts in your mouth with exotic flavors of matcha and rose. And the tingly feeling of glee was there, too, since each piece contains 5mg of THC.