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Wallops Watermelon


Wallops' Watermelon chews are mouthwatering and euphoric. These are the perfect summer sweets from the energizing get-shit-done body high to juicy fruit flavor. Use this boost as you wish. It's usually flexible and bubbly with the occasional goofball vibe. Go swimming, write a novel, or just lay under the sun.

Ranked 25 of 169 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 25 of 169 in Edibles for feeling Euphoric.

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Product Information

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10mg THC





Serving Size

1 piece

Package Contents/Qty

10 pieces (100mg THC)

Dietary Labels

Gluten Free

Side Effects


Shelf Life

1 year


Corn syrup, sugar, water, powdered sugar (pure cane sugar, corn starch), cocoa butter, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, ethyl alcohol, gelatin, cannabis extract, natural watermelon flavor, vitamin E oil, soy lecithin, watermelon oil (propylene glycol, water, artificial flavor, glycerin, ethyl alcohol, FD&C red 40)


The Summertime Chews I'll Be Eating All Year

When the sunlight fades and cold, dark days set in, I'll be looking to these chews to bring back all the summertime vibes.

I’ll keep it real with you, I've never been much of an edible enthusiast. I've dabbled here and there in the past, mostly with friends’ homemade cookies, which contained anything but regulated doses. Like most inexperienced edible consumers, I too have a few horror stories about “that time” I ate too much or too strong of an edible—the sort of stories that would forever steer you clear of any THC-infused treats. Luckily, legal limits on THC and the advent of microdosing have helped a lot of people avoid those types of scenarios. Biases aside, I can give credit where credit's due and Wallops’ Watermelon Chews definitely deserve all the credit.

The smell alone legitimately makes my mouth water and leaves me wanting more.

Right away, the sweet smell of watermelon drew me in. To be honest, I’ve lost count of how many times I've huffed the watermelon wrapper while in the process of writing this paper. Of course it’s all for the sake of writing a creative and educational review and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the aroma is insanely intoxicating—I kid! Though perhaps justifying my infatuation would make me feel better but there's just no hiding it. The smell alone legitimately makes my mouth water and leaves me wanting more.

In my life, summertime tends to usher in spontaneous adventures and fun in the sun with friends. The last thing I want or need is an edible hindering me from living my best life. For this reason, I find Wallops’ chews to be supremely convenient in the sense that I can toss them in my bag on a whim and forget about them until the moment to imbibe strikes. Unlike a cookie, I don't have to fret about Wallops getting squished and reduced to crumbs, making accurate dosing nearly impossible. And unlike chocolate, I don't have to worry I’m going to find a melted mess when I’m ready to take a bite. With these chews, the texture is consistent with that of a Starburst, Hi-Chew, or Airhead. Did you ever eat Airheads as a kid? Or perhaps roll them up into balls or fun shapes? If so, these chews will take you right back to playing-with-your-food days, the salient point being this taffy-like substance is nearly indestructible.

I speak from experience when I say these sweets remain their chewy consistency and goodness no matter the elements. I took a couple Wallops with me on a camping adventure and temperatures reached as high as 96 degrees Fahrenheit. My Wallops did melt in their individually wrapped packaging, but were they still absolutely satisfying? Yes! Was scraping the squished candy off the wrapper with my teeth a bit of an inconvenience? Also yes, but I was still left with a superior high. Whether your expeditions include hiking, musical festivals, block parties, or trips to the beach, I could see Wallops being a great travel companion. Just be careful about leaving them in boiling-hot heat if you’re not a fan of mild inconveniences.

If anything, it's the tantalizing flavor that is the most intense aspect of the candy.

When it comes to the high itself, these self-proclaimed “High Intensity” cannabis chews are intense in all the right ways. Don't let the phrasing scare you. If anything, it's the tantalizing flavor that is the most intense aspect of the candy. At 10mg of THC per chew, they might be too much for new users, but the effects are comfortable and productive enough I could see them being a great way to build up a tolerance. This chew gave me an extra boost when it came time for me to get through multiple work shifts. The great thing about edibles is the high typically lasts a lot longer than a smoke sesh. This was certainly the case with these Wallops. On a day when I needed a lasting, upbeat high, the chews did just the trick. My productivity and enthusiasm would have begun to fade without the enhancing effects of the edible that lasted a few hours without devolving into a sleepy fog—a big bonus in my busy life.

I honestly couldn't explain this product better than Wallops does themselves, which is rare in the world of advertising copy. They don't hold back when it comes to enticing adjectives, and I don't blame them because they can actually back those adjectives up. When you own the bragging rights to something this bomb-dot-com, it'd be a great disservice to the product not to brag. Wallops describes their watermelon chews as “summery-sweet and oh-so-succulent.” Check. They also say, “One bite goes a long way with these tantalizingly tangy, relentlessly juicy, refreshing watermelon delights.” Sounds about right to me. 

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