Blood Orange Sativa Enhanced White Chocolates (Single) 5mg



Product Details

5mg THC
Orange, Fruity, Sweet
Serving Size
1 piece
White Chocolate (sugar, palm kernel oil, whey, nonfat milk, mono and diglyceride, soy lecithin), natural flavorings, cannabis oil, coconut oil, artificial coloring
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat3.7g

Product Description

Wyld's Blood Orange White Chocolates are popular even amongst white chocolate adversaries. The flavor is wonderful and the high is ideal for getting things done. You can expect a head high that uplifts while the body buzz unwinds, leaving you refreshed and raring for a spring cleaning spree. These can also amplify an intimate evening, but the harmonious high is flexible and well-loved enough for almost activity.

Effects Profile

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About Wyld

Since 2015, the team at Wyld has been dedicated to providing the ultimate edible experience using only the highest quality ingredients and cutting-edge techniques. From their flavor to their effects profiles, each and every option offers an adventure you will want to reach for again and again. And their team cares just as deeply about the cannabis community as they do preserving the part of the Pacific Northwest they call home, so the products you pick up will have just as positive of an impact on you as they do the area they come from.