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Canndescent Cal Weed


Calm: a feeling we all strive for. This weed delivers on it, as well as the typical creativity and euphoria that it comes with. The side effects might make you jittery, dry, and hungry, but the relaxing nature of the strain is likely to leave you sleeping soundly. Try Canndescent Calm strain weed If you're looking for a mindful high to meditate with.

Ranked 215 of 321 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 215 of 321 in Flower for feeling Euphoric.

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18.4% THC, 0.04% CBD

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A Sativa Diva Walks Into A Balanced High

If you’re looking for something to replace booze, this is the strain for you.

It’s always been a point of pride for me to identify as a “sativa diva.” I’m not exactly sure what drew me to these uplifting strains initially, but I suspect it had something to do with my obsession with productivity and fear of spending an afternoon glued to the couch. I’m an important, busy lady, not a lazy stoner! Whatever the reason, ever since I had the surreal experience of walking into a medical marijuana dispensary for the first time in Los Angeles, I quickly developed a habit of making a beeline straight to the sativa weed strains. I would usually ask the budtender on duty for something to help me burn through my to-do list while I eyed whatever frosty Haze or Diesel they were serving up that day.

The sativa-indica distinction will be largely irrelevant as we look instead to a plant’s terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Looking back now, this well-meaning tendency was a bit short-sighted for a few reasons. Up to that point in my personal cannabis history, the weed I had smoked was of the “get what you get” variety and any claims of strain classification were dubious at best. And while I liked to think of myself as a connoisseur at the time, I just didn’t have the knowledge to discern which strains best suited me. Over the past couple of years, though, I’ve learned a lot through meeting people in the cannabis industry and have become intrigued by the latest breakthroughs around lab testing. From what I’ve gleaned, it seems inevitable that going forward, the sativa-indica distinction will be largely irrelevant as we look instead to a plant’s terpene and cannabinoid profile to tell the full story of its flavor and associated effects.

Enter Canndescent. Canndescent has come forward as a cannabis pioneer by being one of the first brands to do away with strain names altogether. Instead, Canndescent classifies their flower by the desired effect for the user. This approach makes Canndescent an accessible brand for inexperienced cannabis users who wouldn’t know a Durban from a Diesel. The brand’s current categories include Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. This week, I sampled Canndescent’s Calm 104 variety, which the company states is good for relief and relaxation.

As I ground up the flower for my bowl, a nice earthy smell emanated from the buds. I couldn’t taste much from my first hit, but very quickly I started to feel a slight tingling of my facial muscles, especially behind my eyes. Almost immediately, I noticed my stiff shoulders starting to loosen up. I felt a heady buzz and was transported in my mind’s eye back to a couple of extremely vivid memories from my past. I took note that this strain was definitely #nostalgiaweed and might be perfect to bring to a reunion with old friends.

Within the first few minutes of smoking, I felt a strong urge to take up something creative. I spent the next half hour or so engrossed at the piano, taking note of the fact that I now had the patience to work on a song that was eluding me earlier in the day. Melodies were flowing easily and I felt squarely in the groove.

Melodies were flowing easily and I felt squarely in the groove.

I started to crave some company and was happy to join a couple friends at a dinner party close by. I still felt high at this point an hour after smoking. I was digging the killer combination of a relaxed body but stimulated mind, so I decided to forego drinks for the evening. The conversation felt stimulating and my mind was sharp and clear. Still feeling relaxed, my energy levels sustained for a couple more hours before I finally felt like heading home.

If you’re looking for something that can replace booze on your night out among friends, I highly recommend this strain. Or if you’re an experienced cannabis user who can handle a heavy-hitting strain with ease, Canndescent’s Calm 104 is for you. Although I was definitely relaxed during my experience, I felt more stimulated than tired, so I wouldn’t recommend this strain for insomnia. The only side effect I experienced when testing the product was a strong case of the munchies, which I was happy to indulge.

At $55 for a 3.5g package of herb, the price is not bad for the high-quality bud you get. The package also comes with a dainty hemp wick, matches, and rolling papers for your smoking pleasure. Would I seek out Canndescent’s Calm 104 again for a night out on the town or at the piano? Yes, I believe I would. 

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July 12th, 2020
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