Cherry Fade



Product Description

Cherry Fade is an alluring indica-dominant hybrid that has garnered a loyal following among medical users in the SF Bay Area. Unlike its sometimes-namesake, Cherry Pie, this unique strain showcases an intriguing color palette: its buds bloom in hues ranging from electric green to a mystical, deep red with purple undertones, all adorned with a lavish layer of shimmering trichomes. When it comes to aroma and flavor, Cherry Fade doesn't disappoint; it offers a complex bouquet of ripe cherries mingled with earthy undertones and a hashy spiciness. Users find the high to be an evolutionary experience—it begins with an energizing mental clarity, then effortlessly transitions into a profound state of relaxation that seems to fade away stress and tension, true to its name.

About Connected Cannabis Co.

Connected Cannabis Co. is a Sacramento-based, premium cannabis company catering to the community's 'cannasseurs'. Renowned for best-in-class genetics and highest-quality flower, their designer strains offer a unique experience from intake to effects. A legacy operator that owns their own dispensaries, Connected grows, manufactures, and sells their distinctive and premium strains, providing top-tier recreational and medicinal cannabis products from seed to sale. Currently operating in California and Arizona, they're set to expand into other cannabis-rich states to make their catalog available for the true cannasseurs across the country.