Permanent Marker



Product Description

After a whiff of this flower you’ll know exactly why this strain has earned this moniker. A rich candy aroma soaked in a gas will assault your nasal cavities the moment you lift the lid. Permanent Marker's funky, diesel stank lingers in your nose and slowly diminishes until all that’s left is a faint sugary aroma bringing to mind a floral spring breeze. The deep olive greens and midnight purple of the leaves make the already thin pistils almost disappear when held at a distance. Sandy trichomes fill every nook and cranny of these nugs, making them appear frosty and cold. These high density nugs shaped like blunt, rounded cones will benefit from being introduced to your grinder. The flavor is minty and mysterious on the pull, with a slight tongue numbing quality. Upon exhaling you’ll taste tar and diesel as if you just licked a fresh paved road. A cerebral buzz sets in hitting you right between the eyes and leaving your body feeling numb. Great for relaxation, creative work or just plain gaming. This strain is potent and it can start your day, or completely end it depending on your dose. An indica leaning hybrid that leaves your body soothed and your mind functioning and responsive.

About Connected Cannabis Co.

Connected Cannabis Co. is a Sacramento-based, premium cannabis company catering to the community's 'cannasseurs'. Renowned for best-in-class genetics and highest-quality flower, their designer strains offer a unique experience from intake to effects. A legacy operator that owns their own dispensaries, Connected grows, manufactures, and sells their distinctive and premium strains, providing top-tier recreational and medicinal cannabis products from seed to sale. Currently operating in California and Arizona, they're set to expand into other cannabis-rich states to make their catalog available for the true cannasseurs across the country.