Wedding Cake



Product Details

20% THC
Sweet, Vanilla

Product Description

Cookies' Wedding Cake is a sweet lemony hybrid flower with a satisfyingly smooth smoke. The high is often energized in the body with an uplifting head buzz. It's ideal for a Saturday morning adventure, whether you spend it cruising through a shopping mall or sitting on the beach. There's a little spaciness to the head high but this should still be a fun ride on a day off.

Effects Profile

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About Cookies

Cookies is a premium cannabis brand that was founded by two visionaries: grow expert Jai, and serial entrepreneur Berner. The brand's flagship product, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), is one of the most sought-after strains worldwide, and it has helped make Cookies one of the more reputable and respected brands around. And through their innovation, authenticity and commitment to the community, we see no reason why they won’t stay atop the podium of premier brands for years to come.