Wedding Cake CBD Flower



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0.528% THC, 15.152% CBD
Vanilla, Sweet

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Unleash The Power Of CBD Flower

Review by Debbie Dykes

Apr 14, 2022 · 5 min read

Green Unicorn Farms will show you that getting great effects from CBD flower isn’t a fairytale.

In Review: When you want to smoke and de-stress but can’t get so high you end up feeling like a mess, you need some legit CBD flower. And while you might be turned off by the thought of smoking anything without THC, this flower will turn that idea on its head while it helps you get out of yours. With reliable relaxing effects, beautiful buds and smooth hits from the first to the last, this fantastic flower will show you a side of cannabis you’ve been missing. So smoke a bowl and take down that to-do list with a smile, or take to the couch, kick back and relax.

I primarily smoke indica strains with high levels of THC to help manage the symptoms of chronic anxiety. After smoking or taking edibles, I can feel my body relax and sink into the cushions where I can remain for hours. Couch lock is a real thing, and it's the price I pay to help lower my blood pressure, stop benign chest pain, and calm my racing thoughts. I’ll gladly trade energy for a few hours of peace.

Like most people, I need to be awake and alert to get my work done. My job requires a lot of multi-tasking, which is great for a brain programmed for chaos. I do one thing for a few minutes, then move on to another project for a few more. Back and forth, and back and forth all day. Chaos is my happy place.