Wedding Cake CBD Flower


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0.528% THC, 15.152% CBD
Vanilla, Sweet

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Unleash The Power Of CBD Flower

Review by Debbie Dykes

Apr 14, 2022 · 5 min read

Green Unicorn Farms will show you that getting great effects from CBD flower isn’t a fairytale.

In Review: When you want to smoke and de-stress but can’t get so high you end up feeling like a mess, you need some legit CBD flower. And while you might be turned off by the thought of smoking anything without THC, this flower will turn that idea on its head while it helps you get out of yours. With reliable relaxing effects, beautiful buds and smooth hits from the first to the last, this fantastic flower will show you a side of cannabis you’ve been missing. So smoke a bowl and take down that to-do list with a smile, or take to the couch, kick back and relax.

I primarily smoke indica strains with high levels of THC to help manage the symptoms of chronic anxiety. After smoking or taking edibles, I can feel my body relax and sink into the cushions where I can remain for hours. Couch lock is a real thing, and it's the price I pay to help lower my blood pressure, stop benign chest pain, and calm my racing thoughts. I’ll gladly trade energy for a few hours of peace.

Like most people, I need to be awake and alert to get my work done. My job requires a lot of multi-tasking, which is great for a brain programmed for chaos. I do one thing for a few minutes, then move on to another project for a few more. Back and forth, and back and forth all day. Chaos is my happy place.

I’m always willing to try something new to help calm me in this process, so I decided to grab a bag of Wedding Cake CBD Flower from Green Unicorn Farms. I’ll fully admit that I didn’t believe that a low-THC flower could help me at all, but I promised a friend that I would keep an open mind.

I loved that first strong whiff of sour diesel.

I opened the bag, stuck my nose in like a sophisticated wine connoisseur, and inhaled. (The only thing I know about wine, by the way, is that there are red ones and white ones.) I loved that first strong whiff of sour diesel. It’s that smell that makes me smile at a concert or any other outdoor event when someone is stealthily sneaking a few puffs.

I quickly rolled up a joint and lit it up. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the thing I was NOT expecting was how smooth it was. I smoked about half of the joint and went about my day running errands. (I wasn't the one who was driving, by the way. I never drive under the influence.) I told my friend that I didn't feel anything and thought, oh well, at least I gave it a try.

I was wrong, though. Something was happening, and I didn't recognize it until I got back home a few hours later. I felt calm, focused and full of energy. Not that jittery energy that you get from drinking too much caffeine, but a kind of clarity that felt uplifting.

Of course, it worked! Why wouldn't it? I've always believed that CBD has therapeutic properties because I’ve seen it work for friends who have chronic pain from injuries or auto-immune disorders.

Wedding Cake didn’t just give me extra energy. I felt more relaxed than I normally feel when I'm out and about. I don't like being in the car or around a lot of other people, so shopping can be a grind. When we pulled into the driveway, I realized that I hadn't felt anxious during the trip at all. Nothing else had changed. The CBD did its job without making me feel high, hungry, or sleepy. I was in a happy place, without all the usual chaos.

It's a relief to know that there’s something other than prescription meds that work to keep me calm and alert.

It's a relief to know that there’s something other than prescription meds that work to keep me calm and alert. I don’t like taking pills, so now I have something new in my arsenal to help me control my symptoms. I’ve always had two switches, one for on and one for off. Now I know that there is a happy medium—and that I can just take a few puffs of this Unicorn Farms flower without it affecting my concentration or productivity.

I would highly recommend Wedding Cake to anyone who struggles with anxiety issues. It’s smooth and fresh-tasting, with a slightly pungent aroma. The buds are tight and colorful, deep green with hints of deeper purple and tiny brown pistils. And I'll confess that I had to look it up because I've always wondered what those reddish hairs were called. Pistils.

So, I was wrong after all. It is possible to get stress relief and an overall sense of well-being from a low-THC flower without sacrificing an ounce of energy or my ability to make a decision. And there was one more surprise in store. I was concerned that my newfound extra energy would make it difficult for me to sleep. It didn’t. Feeling calm helped me fall asleep more quickly and stay that way all night. I’ll be sure to keep plenty of Wedding Cake in my “medicine cabinet” for some long-term testing.