Wedding Crasher



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23% THC
Vanilla, Sweet

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The effect profile of LitHouse Wedding Crasher is based on 4 user reviews.



Expert Review

Stay for the Party, Leave Before the Crash

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jun 05, 2020 · 4 min read

Let this strain play DJ for a night to provide a killer mashup with solid vibes.

IN REVIEW: Wedding Crasher Strain Weed by LitHouse gives you everything you need to both start and end the party. The initial punch of euphoria lends itself to a social buzz and the associated deep relaxation that’s sure to follow. Be sure to keep drinks and munchies handy to satiate your smoke mates, and rest assured that no one will overstay their welcome, as heavy sedating effects will take hold and have everyone calling an Uber.

This combination of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch serves up a cavalcade of euphoria and relaxation. Wedding Crasher by LitHouse is a smooth hitting flower with strong notes of berry, and a lasting, pleasant aftertaste. Billed as an indica strain, I was intent on sampling this towards the evening. A little something to help me unwind from a day of hate watching the news and bread making. Maybe I would even put on a movie and see where that takes me. Pretty basic Bed, Bath and Beyond type stuff—except that Bed, Bath and Beyond is closed. Everything is closed, which is why I’m messing with live yeasts in the first place.