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Marley Natural Marley Red Flower


Marley Natural's Marley Red Flower is a CBD-heavy strain with the slightest touch of THC to get the party going. This is a great option for new cannabis consumers who are looking for more medicinal effects. It's subtle, low-potency, and easy to smoke. The buzz is simply soothing, but those with a higher tolerance don't enjoy it.

Ranked 49 of 71 in Flower for feeling Focused.
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Ranked 49 of 71 in Flower for feeling Focused.

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Marley Red Flower
Product Information

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1.3% THC, 15.5% CBD

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To Pay Or Not To Pay For An Expensive Jar

Marley Natural's CBD-rich Red flower may not be worth the jar it comes in.

Marley Natural Red provides the relieving, mellow high that the brand claims its weed will deliver, but getting there may cost more than it's worth. The iconic Marley name, with regal golden lion branding that adorns the jar, sets expectations for an exceptional experience realistically high. In application, though, the Marley Red is mostly an unsettling contrast between a gorgeous jar and the sub-par CBD weed inside of it. Purchasing Marley Red will surely give you the anti-climatic experience of opening up a sleek container only to find a disappointing grade of cannabis flower. 

Marley Red is for the habitual CBD flower consumer, and pretty much no one else.

The flower appears dry and smells like nothing, at best. With that said, the high itself is acceptable—especially for a CBD strain, since those typically lack the ability to deliver any sort of head buzz. Marley Red contains a little more THC than most other CBD-dominant strains on the market, and the just barely euphoric little head high is pleasant.

Marley Red is for the habitual CBD flower consumer and pretty much no one else. I wouldn’t recommend using the flower as an introductory strain, because the aftertaste is terrible and the smoke is memorably harsh. The distinct aftertaste lasted longer than the high itself, and getting rid of it required an ungodly amount of Cherry Coke. I also wouldn’t recommend the Marley Red as an entry level CBD flower for medicinal use, because there isn’t enough (easily found) information on the strain, which can actually vary batch to batch. It is simply branded as "red," after all. On the Marley Natural website, the description provided for the flower is vague. It would be nice to know the genetic lineage, or origin of the Red strain, at the very least.

CBD strains aren’t traditionally known for their bag appeal, but a demand for quality CBD is increasing as the non-psychoactive cannabinoid gains media attention and sees wider use for its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, Washington’s cannabis market has been established long enough for us to expect a higher quality product for Marley Red’s price point. You’re basically paying for the jar—which is a fine-looking jar, don't get me wrong—but if it’s a stylish stash box you’re looking for, they actually sell some high-quality, dope smoking accessories on their website that are worth the money without the sub-par weed.

To the brand’s credit, the flower did live up to its claim and alleviated my body aches. It also provided a heightened focus. But in my experience, the positive effect wasn’t worth the less pleasant aspects of the flower. If you decide to take the plunge, think of it this way: Marley Red does provide relief, and even if the weed doesn't do it for you, you'll still own a cool jar. 

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