Peanut Butter Cup


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31.83% THC, 0.06% CBD
Nutty, Sweet

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Let Mary Mary Make It All Better

Review by Scott Hadinger

Apr 19, 2022 · 6 min read

The unassuming package and the all-consuming high. 

In Review: Peanut Butter Cup from Mary Mary is the sort of high everyone should try. An indica at heart, it rides the line to provide balanced effects few, if any, will have issue with. It is as uplifting as it is relaxing, and offers a beautiful bouquet that translates perfectly to the smooth smoke. Any anxiety, aches or pains you've been holding onto are no match for these small buds that are just as solid as their full-sized brethren. So pick up an 1/8th, take a hit and get ready to forget about the things that weren't worth your time to begin with. 

A weighted blanket of weed, Mary Mary’s Peanut Butter Cup flower helped put me at ease without putting me down. So whether you’re looking to kick back after a long workday or navigate major life changes with a clear head and calm vibes, this flower has some incredible relaxing power that will set you straight. I was in the midst of the latter, and the associated stressors of my move were mounting fast.

And while I wasn’t even leaving the fine city of San Francisco, trekking everything I owned across town seemed cumbersome enough. But I don’t want to focus on the first-world problems I was navigating, like  U-Haul closing hours early without warning, leading me to have to return my truck 20 miles away (okay, maybe just that one), but rather how Mary Mary made dealing with any issue so easy. When this flower is around, I am always just a puff away from a better day.

A budding cannabis brand that aims to bring fresh and potent flower to the masses at affordable prices, Mary Mary is doing things the right way. And this stoner will tell you they’re succeeding on all fronts. The flower I was lucky enough to sample was the perfect example of their mission, as the info on the bag let me know that it was packaged less than two weeks before it was in my hands. And as per the potency? I was staring down the barrel at 31.83% THC and 37.63% total cannabinoids. Woah.

The high THC didn’t punch me in the face, it built up brick by brick. 

Though the beauty hidden in these buds wasn’t that of rocket fuel waiting to blast you into outer space, it was as though it tapped a renewable and never-ending energy source that just kept me on track and my mind at ease. The high THC didn’t punch me in the face, it built up brick by brick until it had fortified almost every sense of my being. I was relaxed from head to toe, but also reinforced by positive vibes and  purpose that would pair just as well with an overwhelming to-do list as it would an empty schedule.

And while I could talk about the effects for days, which is coincidentally how long it felt they lasted, I would be remiss if I didn’t touch on the bag appeal of the bud, and the bag itself. The unassuming yet bold package design immediately caught my eye. Bright yellow with Mary Mary front and center and a small window to get a look at the goods, it had everything it needed, and nothing it didn’t. 

It might just be me, but cannabis branding has started to feel like it’s getting out of hand. And to see a brand keep it simple and focus on what really matters was as refreshing as the aroma I encountered when it came time to pop open the bag. 

The buds were about as pretty as pot can be.

Funky, earthy, buttery—a cavalcade of scents surrounded me and begged me to pull out a bud, which were about as pretty as pot can be. A combination of colors so perfectly represented, you almost had to wonder if they were naturally occurring. The deep greens, purples and shining trichomes were putting on a performance, and for all of them to be a part of the same plant made it feel like Mother Nature (or maybe just Mother Mary) was showing off. Each small bud was such a showstopper you’d be a stickler to note their size until the grandiose of this ganja yielded its grasp.

Small buds? Sure. Something to think twice about? Only in a positive sense when you consider the price point, professionalism and potency of this product. Now I’ve smoked cannabis most of my life and have written about it for years now, and one thing that bothers me is people bashing small buds. They pack the same punch as their big brothers without breaking the bank, and should be in the rotation of cannabis consumers at any stage of their journey.

And when you’re usually just grinding them up (which is easier to do with small buds, mind you), the size matters little. Something you’ll be reminded of from your intake experience to the top-tier effects. The same funky, earthy and buttery aromas also came through in the silk-smooth smoke and velvety vapor. I enjoyed this a few ways, and it didn’t matter if it was from my Volcano or the joint I enjoyed as I walked my dog, it wasn’t ever the slightest bit harsh or hindering. It just coated the inside of my mouth in the most pleasant of ways and lingered just long enough to leave a lasting impression.

The effects were of a true-blue indica, but they didn’t leave me to fight my way out of molasses the rest of the day.

The effects were of a true-blue indica, but they didn’t leave me to fight my way out of molasses the rest of the day. On the contrary, I had ice water in my veins. Armor against anything offering ill will and bad vibes so I could chug along and conquer whatever it was that lay ahead. Which was exactly what I did. 

Moving Made Easy could be an applicable (albeit shitty) tagline for this strain. But that’s just what it did. It made anything that might otherwise be unpleasant or unbearable unworthy of a second thought. From moving furniture up flights of stairs to greeting my upstairs neighbors with a bottle of wine so that they may take pity upon us with their footsteps, I was smiling from ear to ear, and nothing was going to bring me down. 

Which is why almost anyone could benefit from this flower, and the reason I will be seeking out more strains from Mary Mary as soon as I can. If the rest of their catalog can offer effects as clean as I experienced from their Peanut Butter Cups, my previous go-to may have just been relegated to #2. So if you’ve been looking for the right indica to put you on a positive path without putting you down, look no further. When you find yourself in times of trouble, let Mother Mary comfort thee. And at these prices, it damn near feels like she’s doing it for free.