Product Details

17.9% THC, 0.57% CBD
Earthy, Herbal

Product Description

OLD PAL's OG flower is an earthy indica, and it's basically a sedative. This is usually a sleepy high with a calming quality. The melty buzz should wash over you after a few hits, sending you into the couch with a smile on, so use this high for zoning out in bed.

Effects Profile

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Old Pal's products have been well received by the baby boomer generation, who appreciate the brand's simplicity and the fact that they remind them of how cannabis used to be. And while their products remain approachable and accessible, don't let that fool you into thinking they aren’t also high quality and fit for those who love a more potent experience. As they have fostered relationships and sourced from 150+ farms over the years, creating a selection and supply chain that’s second to none.