Tangie Biscotti



Product Details

25.7% THC, 0.06% CBD
Sugar, Diesel

Product Description

Prūf Cultivar's Tangie Biscotti flower is a cheesy citrus hybrid that tends to deliver an uplifting head high. The body buzz is often comfortable while the head high makes your morning a lot more tolerable. You might catch a mindful moment in the onset of the high, which is good for meditating or journaling.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Funky Joints To The Front, Please

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Nov 07, 2018 · 4 min read

This joint may have smelled like poop, but I ended up being the butt of the joke.

Before I smoke a joint, I first wave it under my nose and inhale its perfume. I hold that cannabis right up to my face and draw long, dramatic inhales, indexing every nuance of aroma, sighing and muttering over the complexity. You can tell so much from that initial, deliberate sniff. It may belie a sour, pungent smoke or a sweet, piney, aromatic cloud. It may be powdery and light, dense and sticky or some amalgam therein. That initial sniff test is so important to the overall experience of smoking that I never go without it; it’s a ritual as important as the experience itself. And when I performed this ritual before lighting Prūf Cultivar’s Tangie Biscotti pre-roll, I anticipated something bakery-sweet with a fresh, citrusy tang. What I smelled, however, was a shocking contradiction of that assumption.

What were the odds this had been in contact with a butt?