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Supplied by 1964 Grape OG


Supplied by 1964's Grape OG flower is a perfumy indica with a solid body high. Expect to feel relaxed and heavy, but the munchies can come and knock you out if you overstuff yourself. It's better to start with just a few hits of this strain so nothing hits you too wildly at its peak.

Ranked 47 of 71 in Flower for feeling Focused.

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Ranked 47 of 71 in Flower for feeling Focused.

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Grape OG
Product Information

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15.5% THC

Side Effects

Dry Mouth

Package Contents/Qty

1g, 1/8oz


Grape Romulan, Tahoe OG Kush

Terpenes Profile


Grow Environment



Diary Of A Weed Snob

A pleasant smoke is made that much more enjoyable when done right.

The high intensifies the longer I sit here. Twenty minutes ago I smoked a bong packed with Grape OG, a particularly aromatic strain of flower featured in Supplied by 1964's curated artist series. The California-based brand serving the Golden State’s adult-use and medical markets partnered with a collection of artists to illustrate and produce colorful, engaging packaging inspired by the strain contained inside. Put simply, this weed is exceptional. And it doesn't hurt that it comes in a purple box with an illustration on one side that straddles the line between psychedelic and out of this world. I like it.

From the sharp floral scent that is noticeable the moment you open the jar to the savory aftertaste you experience in the first few moments after you exhale, everything about the Grape OG feels, well, right. The subtle, euphoric high that gradually takes hold after a few hits lets you know you've come to the right place. 

Within a few minutes, I'm feeling euphoric, cerebral vibes.

Which is good because when I’m in a pinch, I tend to turn to pot. When I’m feeling uninspired, stuck in the quicksand that is writer’s block, or in a bad mood, weed brings me much-needed relief. It chills me out when I’m going 100 miles per hour and overthinking everything. In its many forms, cannabis is there for me more often than not. If I’m not feeling my best, a quick dab or bong hit gives me that boost I need to make it through the day. Of course, what I’m describing is a practice in mindful self-medication. I consume some green to avoid the blues; I get high to not feel low. This isn’t medical advice, it’s just what works for me. I woke up this morning stressed out, depressed, and feeling anxious about a mile-long to-do list filled with tasks for both work and life, and I don’t think I would've had the bandwidth to get any of it accomplished. Thankfully, 1964’s Grape OG flower is currently working wonders. And I’m riding the high as long as I can.

Soft and spongy, the Grape OG nugs break up well without a grinder, a sign that it should be smoked in glass as opposed to rolled up. I pack up my Illadelph and take a healthy rip that goes down smooth. I exhale, ready myself, and repeat. When it comes to consuming most flower, chances are I'm going with glass. I love joints and blunts as much as the next guy, but if you really want to experience your weed, a bong is the way to go. And I'm kind of obsessive about it. You see, I’m the smoker who always has crisp, ice-cold water in the bong. I clean the piece in between bowls and light each hit using a hemp wick. Sure, this attention to detail might seem a bit extra or unnecessary, but if your cannabis consumption is more of a daily ritual rather than an exercise in escape, you should respect your routine. 

Think of it this way: Would you drink a craft beer out of a used glass? Would you pour wine into a dusty, dirty decanter? Flower like this Grape OG isn't just dank weed, it is truly high-quality cannabis, as is most of the weed I smoke. It’s not cheap and shouldn’t be consumed as such. Not to mention, discerning between terpene-influenced flavor profiles and developing a palate for all of the different tastes, scents, feels, and sensory activators experienced with even just one pull of the bong would be damn near impossible. That being said, if your bong water is dirty, you're doing it wrong. But I digress.

Within a few minutes, I'm feeling euphoric, cerebral vibes. Lightning shoots from my fingertips, but I pull the trigger and take another hit. I’m focused, alert, elevated, and just high enough. Not harsh in the slightest as I inhale, the Grape OG offers a pleasant smoke and delivers a moderate high in only a few pulls. 

A savory, herbal aftertaste coats my mouth, and I’m reminded that California-grown cannabis is indeed agricultural artistry. Feeling a little less anxious, slightly hungry, and eager to bang out some creative work, I put my fingers to the keyboard and begin typing. My computer doesn’t leave my lap for hours, and I have the first truly productive afternoon all week. Writing is fun again. The weed did what I hoped it would.

The high it delivers is a wave you effortlessly ride.

I don’t consume cannabis to numb my feelings or just to get high (though there's a time and place for that). Instead I smoke, dab, or nibble on an edible in order to elevate my everyday existence. It’s true that being in that sweet spot where you're just the right amount of high can make the most humdrum days less mundane, the boring parts of our lives less banal. You see, cannabis isn’t some cure-all wonder drug, but it’s also not just any old weed. The complexity and natural power of the plant is derived from its many compounds, terpenes, and cannabinoids. We extract and capture that weed magic, which is then harnessed for medical use, worked into a number of treatment plans, or in this instance, consumed recreationally and responsibly with specific intent.

I don’t credit 1964's Grape OG as being responsible for my good day on its own. But the flower was indeed the catalyst I needed to get into an elevated head space, helping me feel mindful at different points throughout my creative process. The high it delivers is a wave you effortlessly ride. And the potent flavors, full-bodied aroma, and savory aftertaste are a welcomed bonus. For all those in need of a breezy pick-me-up, Grape OG did the trick for me and it might just do the same for you.

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