Grape OG



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15.5% THC
Grape, Earthy

Product Description

Supplied by 1964's Grape OG flower is a perfumy indica with a solid body high. Expect to feel relaxed and heavy, but the munchies can come and knock you out if you overstuff yourself. It's better to start with just a few hits of this strain so nothing hits you too wildly at its peak.

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Expert Review

Diary Of A Weed Snob

Review by Ben Karris

Jul 27, 2018 · 5 min read

A pleasant smoke is made that much more enjoyable when done right.

The high intensifies the longer I sit here. Twenty minutes ago I smoked a bong packed with Grape OG, a particularly aromatic strain of flower featured in Supplied by 1964's curated artist series. The California-based brand serving the Golden State’s adult-use and medical markets partnered with a collection of artists to illustrate and produce colorful, engaging packaging inspired by the strain contained inside. Put simply, this weed is exceptional. And it doesn't hurt that it comes in a purple box with an illustration on one side that straddles the line between psychedelic and out of this world. I like it.

From the sharp floral scent that is noticeable the moment you open the jar to the savory aftertaste you experience in the first few moments after you exhale, everything about the Grape OG feels, well, right. The subtle, euphoric high that gradually takes hold after a few hits lets you know you've come to the right place.